Concerned Dog Really Hates His Owner Doing Yoga

by : Emily Brown on : 08 Sep 2018 17:56
Dog concerned at owner doing yogaDog concerned at owner doing yogaViralHog

Dogs spend most of their lives looking up lovingly at their owners, so when one pet suddenly found himself face-to-face with its master when he was doing yoga, the little pup got very confused.


The owner, from Brazil, was doing some yoga when he captured the hilarious footage. Presumably setting up the camera with the intention of seeing what his posture was like during the exercise, he ended up filming his unimpressed dog.

I’m not sure what the official yoga term for the position was (maybe an upside down standing lotus?) but the man got on his hands and knees and pushed forward to balance in a headstand, holding steady with his head on the floor.

Check out the dog’s reaction here:


Probably having recognised its owner’s face was suddenly a lot easier to lick than before, the dog investigated the situation, getting up close and personal with the now-upside down man.

All of a sudden, the dog seemed to decide it wasn’t a fan of the way its best friend’s head had replaced his feet, and leapt away, scrambling and sliding on the wooden floor.

By the way, how on earth did the guy do a headstand for so long on a wooden floor? Does he feel no pain? I’m impressed.

Dog owner yogaDog owner yogaViralHog

After running off screen, the dog returned to continue to jump around its owner, pushing its nose between the man’s arms and barking at him, probably in an attempt to make him rotate to a more upright position.

The owner whistled at the confused pup, which only served to send it further into a spiral of concern. It continued to yap at the man in protest, and ran around as fast and with as much grace as a dog on a smooth, slippery surface can.

The headstander laughed at his pooch’s confusion, refusing to give in no matter how much it headbutted him.


The man’s brother shared the video, writing:

My brother was training with his Yoga positions and decided to record one of them. The dog was interested and was very agitated by the position he did.

Maybe the little guy would’ve been happier if the owner had been practising a downward-facing dog?

It seems the star of this video isn’t the only curious canine out there, with a whole section of the internet being dedicated to ‘#yogawithdogs’.

One Twitter user shared her attempts at doing yoga with her dog around, writing:

Sometimes when I’m trying to practice #armbalance poses this happens. And by sometimes, I mean a lot. #yoga #houstonyoga #yogawithdogs [sic]

Another person showed her furry friend ready and waiting to get into some of the complex positions:

One dog wasn’t so much concerned about the yoga as it was about getting some loving scratches from its owner:


For today’s final meditation, imagine you are a small dog, totally spoiled, with no cares in the world besides when is this person going to stop doing these weird poses and pay attention to me.


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