Cop Caught On CCTV Running Away From A Mouse

by : UNILAD on : 01 Apr 2017 17:15
YouTube/CCTV/St Petersburg Police Station

This frightened cop running away from a puny mouse has been caught on CCTV and his reaction is hilarious.


The brilliant clip which has since gone viral, shows a policeman initially minding his own business in the corridor of, what is believed to Saint Petersburg police station, Florida.

He then spots something moving out of the corner of his eye and when he realises it’s a mouse and heading straight for him, the man visibly panics and backs towards the wall.

Here’s the hilarious clip:


The petrified policeman can then be seen leaping over the mouse and legging it down the corridor away from the tiny terror.

He doesn’t stop to look round or pause for thought, the cop is straight round the corner and out of the creature’s ‘terrifying’ clutches.

Clearly relieved he’d made an escape, the policeman decided to risk it and peered round the corner to see where the mouse was at, or if it was planning to seek its revenge on him.

Thankfully for the cop’s sake, the mouse had made its departure, which meant he could continue his life in peace, well away from the reaches of a frenzied rodent.

Of all the things to be scared of, a tiny mouse sent this guy who’s meant to be out on the streets protecting us from real criminals and dangerous people.

That’s kind of worrying…

YouTube/CCTV/St Petersburg Florida police station

Although to be fair on the man, the furry fiend in question did look pretty big, so could have been a rat…

Either way, this guy needs to pour himself a huge glass of man the fuck up…

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YouTube/CCTV Tape
  1. YouTube/CCTV Tape

    A tiny intruder Terrified cop caught on CCTV running away from MOUSE