Cop Gets Chased Down By Tiny Little ‘Criminal’

Police chasing pigCape Coral Police Department

Hollywood’s trained us to expect police chases to be dramatic affairs full of gunfire, explosions and at least one cop who’s just days from retirement biting the dust along the way.  

It seems though that in the real world, or Florida at least, police chases are a lot less dramatic and a whole lot cuter.

Take this video for example which shows Officer Ray Schilke III of the Cape Coral Police Department responding to a rather unusual call out.

Check out the chase here:

Like Nicholas Angel in Hot Fuzz, Officer Schilke was called to deal with a wild animal on the loose, it wasn’t a swan though it was something much cuter.

A tiny little pig!

The piggy was on the run in a suburban neighbourhood and locals called the police to wrangle the diddy little thing before it hurt itself or got lost.

Police pig chaseCape Coral Police Department

Unfortunately for Officer Schilke though, when he arrived at the scene it became clear that the piggy wasn’t going to come quietly.

The teeny pig began to chase the policeman down the road in what is probably the most adorable chase in the history of police chases.

Schilke captured the whole thing on his body cam, laughing as the little pig chases him even joking that no one’s ever seen a pig chasing a pig before.

Police pig chaseCape Coral Police Department

Eventually, the officer encounters some amused neighbours who, while unable to name the pig’s owner, are more than happy to give the lost pig some grub before sending the pair on the way.

Thankfully, according to The Dodo, the officer was eventually able to find the pig’s owner.

Master Sergeant Allan Kolak said: 

Schilke III continued to go through the neighborhood until the owner was located not far from the original scene.

We are very happy with the way our officer handled the situation with adding some humor to the situation.

He was having a little fun while performing his duties, interacting with a family, and ultimately reuniting a family pet with the owner.

So all’s well that ends well I guess and if like myself you’re wondering who keeps a pig as a pet, that’s actually a thing apparently.

According to the RSPCA over the last decade there’s been an explosion in the number of pigs being kept as house pets and while that particular organisation quite rightly doesn’t recommend getting one, lots of people swear by them.

Pets4Home claim that pigs are just as, if not more, intelligent than dogs and make perfect companion animals because of their intellectual curiosity and lovable natures.

Scientists Aim For Human Immortality After Radical Experiment Goes WellWikimedia

That said they can become aggressive especially when trying to display dominance and you can’t just nip down to Pets At Home to pick one up.

You need a specific license to keep a pig because they technically count as livestock even if they’re teeny tiny things.

They also live for around 25 years and get sad when kept alone so if you’re getting one pig chances are you’re going to have to get another one unless you want it to get depressed.

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