Couple And Their Dog Get Scared By Frog, Dog Won’t Leave It’s Toy Behind

by : UNILAD on : 07 Sep 2018 20:39
Dog runs back for toyDog runs back for toyUNILAD

Turns out dogs are truly devoted to their toys, even in trying times such as the random appearance of a frog.


I can somewhat testify to this love. During a casual dip in our hotel swimming pool while living it up in Disneyland Florida in 1998, I was playing with a small action figure of Buzz Lightyear when I, in a moment of madness, decided to remove the shackles of my armbands and dive straight into the pool.

Young, and yet to learn the physics of water, I found myself unable to return to the surface.

A nearby American bro, also on holiday, quickly leapt into the pool and saved me, the toy still firmly in my grasp.

Not the most amazing story, and barely relevant to what you’re about to see if you haven’t already skipped past my anecdote, but yeah – if I was meeting my maker that day, Buzz Lightyear was coming with me. At a certain age: toys > putting your parents in jail for negligence.


So I get why this dog put its body on the line to retrieve its toy after fleeing in terror when its owners (presumably) discovered a frog out of nowhere during a look round a garage.

Social media was split, which makes me sad.

One commenter wrote:

I’m scared of frogs. I know it sounds stupid, but that’s how phobias work. I can’t relate to people being scared of spiders lol but that doesn’t mean it’s invalid or stupid for people to have arachnophobia.

Another joked:

The dog is more loyal to the ball than the dude is to his chic. He left his girl behind.


A third added:

OMG, How the f*ck do you people get through life, being terrified by a F*CKING FROG. The world is doomed. [sic]

One person wrote:

Did anyone else watch this fully assuming to hear gun shots in the background? Only to read that they were actually reacting to a FROG. [sic]

Another mused:

Why are they scared of a damn frog?! Is the frog going to turn into the hulk and beat their asses? Is there a horror movie based on this frog? Or are they scared the frog will give them an std? I don’t know. [sic]

I don’t know either, man. Frogs are kinda weird. One second they’re completely motionless, next thing you know they’re inside your ear. I don’t blame anyone for being weary of them.

Plus, aren’t some of them poisonous? Or did my drowning experience stunt my brain’s development? Guess the fun’s in not knowing!

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