Couple Attacked By Crocodile In Private Swimming Pool

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 24 Jul 2018 07:45
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Crocodiles are pesky little blighters, aren’t they. If they’re not casually strolling across golf courses they’re sliding into swimming pools smoother than Drake slides into DMs.

CCTV footage has emerged of a just such a little guy (a crocodile that is, not Drake… unfortunately) slipping and sliding its way into a private swimming pool in Kariba, Zimbabwe.


And what’s more, the whippersnapper wasn’t just going for a quick dip to cool down – as the footage shows, it was intentionally going after the couple who just happened to be in the swimming pool at the time.

Check it out:

When it comes to fight or flight, we know what this guy chose as, in a far from chivalrous move, the man quickly scrambles out of the pool leaving the woman behind.


As the woman in the video tries to escape, the crocodile demonstrates its amazing agility in the water and lunges for her, snapping its jaws as she get out of the pool.

Luckily, the woman escaped with no serious injuries, only sustaining some cuts to her back and arm. The crocodile was taken away by authorities some time later.

One person commented:

This is like jurassic park


While others were quick to criticise the fleeing boyfriend:

A coward boyfriend. Ran away.

A real man would’ve killed it and then cooked it for her dinner lol!

Dude ! Seriously?! Omg what a coward

The croc is believed to be a Nile crocodile, the largest freshwater predator in Africa, though this one looks as if it’s just at home in chlorinated water, too.

Known for being particularly aggressive (aren’t they all?) Nile crocs aren’t fussy when it comes to hunting, and will eat anything from birds and fish to other reptiles and mammals.


After seeing the lightning quick pace of the crocodile in the pool, I think I’ll take my chances on the golf course instead.

Though just as dangerous, footage of a giant alligator strolling across a golf course in Florida looks positively tame compared to the raptor-like reflexes of the croc in the pool.

The video was shared by Charlie Helms, who was enjoying a leisurely round of golf when his game was interrupted by the huge beast lumbering across the course at Buffalo Creek Gold Club in Palmetto, Florida.


The video shows the alligator making its way across the golf course to a lake, while onlookers stand and stare, unsure what to make of the thing.

Watch it here:

In the video, Charlie can be heard saying ‘That is the biggest frickin’ alligator I have ever seen in my life. Jeez this thing must be 15 feet long’, while another man adds ‘You gotta be kidding me’.

Charlie described what happened, saying:

A friend and I were getting flagged down by other golfers who were pointing to this giant alligator on the 3rd fairway. We were shocked by the size of it so I recorded it to show my family and friends. I never expected it to get this much attention.

Yeah, you wouldn’t think a 15ft alligator on a golf course would get so much attention would you?! Crocs in pools? That’s a whole different story.

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