Couple Find 18 Snakes Under Their Bed As They’re About To Go To Sleep

by : Emily Brown on : 16 Jul 2021 12:56
Couple Find 18 Snakes Under Their Bed As They're About To Go To SleepTrish Wilcher/Facebook

Monsters hiding under the bed are usually the work of a child’s imagination, but one family in Georgia were shocked to find that the creatures in their bedroom were very much real.

Trish Wilcher took to Facebook this week to share her ordeal, which is a nightmare come to life for anyone with a fear of snakes.


The Augusta, Georgia resident explained that she and her husband, Max, were getting ready to go to bed on Sunday evening when she spotted what she believed was some ‘fuzz’ on the floor.

Snakes spotted on bedroom floor (Trish Wilcher/Facebook)Trish Wilcher/Facebook

She reached down to pick it up but quickly became aware that it was not innocent fuzz as the object began to move.

Recalling the creepy scene to WJBF-TV, she said: ‘And then a second later another piece moved. And I went to my husband: ‘We have snakes!”


On Facebook, Wilcher explained that she was ‘freaked out’ when she spotted all the baby snakes in her bedroom. She originally counted nine of the slithery creatures, but after she and her family ‘turned the bedroom upside down’ they found a total of 17 baby snakes, plus their mother hiding under the bed.

Using a grabber tool, Wilcher’s husband set about placing each of the snakes into a linen bag, working until around midnight to carefully remove them.

Hear more about the ordeal below:



He then carried the snakes out to a nearby creek area, where he released them into the wild.

Wilcher speculated on Facebook that the mother snake used her home to take care of her babies after authorities cleared some land nearby, with Camilla Sherman, an environmental educator for the Phinizy Center for Water Sciences, agreeing that snakes may find their way into homes to lay their eggs.

Per Fox 13 News, Sherman noted that snakes may also want to infiltrate homes in order to hunt rodents, explaining: ‘If you have a mouse problem, the snakes are going to come and try to help you with that.’

Couple Find 18 Snakes (Trish Wilcher/Facebook)Trish Wilcher/Facebook

Despite her husband’s efforts to remove the snakes, Wilcher admitted she wasn’t likely to get any sleep after finding so many reptiles in her room.

She wrote: ‘I may need a cardiologist after this.’

Wildlife technician Samantha Kennett told Channel 2 Action News people shouldn’t try to harm snakes because most are beneficial and help with rodent control, though she warned Georgia residents to be on the lookout for six types of venomous snakes in the state, including the copperhead.

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    Augusta family discovers 18 snakes underneath bed