Cow Rides Down Water Slide To Escape From Being Slaughtered

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 15 Nov 2021 17:58
Cow Rides Down Water Slide To Escape From Being SlaughteredDiário da Região - São José do Rio Preto/YouTube

A cow has been recorded fleeing down a water slide, avoiding slaughter by escaping its farm. 

The cow escaped from a cattle ranch located 500 miles from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, before it came across a nearby waterpark.


Once at the Indaiá Clube in Nova Granada, the cow was caught on camera haphazardly sliding down the shaking apparatus, towards the swimming pool below.

The cow’s owner, Carlos Miguel Serante has since decided the escapee’s fate.

The cow reportedly climbed eleven steps to reach the slide, GI reports.


The country club’s president, João Luiz Andrade Zevole, thought ‘the waterslide wouldn’t hold’ as the cow weighed in at 500lbs and the slide’s maximum weight limit is 200 kilos (440lbs).

He told El Diario de Regiao the cow had ‘looked at [him]’ before ‘slipping’ down the slide.

‘I called some people from the city hall who were working in front of the club to help me, I called and they didn’t believe it, they thought I was kidding,’ Zevole said.

Cow Rides Down Water Slide To Escape From Being SlaughteredG1/YouTube

People eventually came to rescue the cow, tying it up, to encourage it to slide into the water, before it was heaved safely onto dry land, according to The Sun.

The cow’s owner, Serante said:

Someone came to tell me he had climbed on top of the waterslide.

I didn’t believe it. We followed, took him away and showed me the video of him in the pool. I didn’t think he would go up.

The cow has since been named Tobogã, which is Portuguese, for ‘slide’ and will be kept by Serante as a pet.


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