Cows Take Hilarious Revenge On Annoying Kid Who Elbowed Them


An annoying lad received a little bovine payback after elbowing a cow in the side only for it to retaliate by squashing him against its mate.

The kid could be seen in the background of a U.S news report as his friend gave an emotional interview about selling his beloved bull, reports The Mirror.

The footage shows the kid in the background slapping the two cows on their backs before he then seems to elbow one of the huge animals to get them to move out of his way – which they do.

But it looks like the black cow to his left wasn’t up for being pushed around by the kid as it unexpectedly moves closer…

The lad then suddenly disappears from view as the two cows close together squashing him into the tiny space left between them.

He then desperately tries to signal to others in the barn for help until a woman appears on the scene to come to the rescue of the struggling youngster who appears a little distressed but unhurt after his ordeal

The boy being interviewed was completely oblivious to the whole thing going on behind him – although the reporter does briefly stumble over her words as she notices what’s going on.

Well that’s calf-ma for you… I’ll show myself out.