Crazy Moment Skinned And Gutted Snake Comes Back To Life


Gruesome footage showing the moment a ‘dead’ snake gave chefs a fright when it ‘came back to life’ just before it was cooked has emerged online.

Even though the chefs had skinned, gutted and beheaded the creature – 16 hours earlier – the reptile suddenly started to move again and at one point  it even looked like the snake was even attempting to wrap itself around the chef’s knife, reports The Sun.

In the clip you can hear one of the chefs say:

He is gutted and dead. He ain’t finished yet. Look at him, he is mad. He is pissed off! Look at him, none of his insides are left. Isn’t that some crazy shit?

After the disturbing clip was posted to LiveLeak from a location in the U.S, viewers began commenting that the snake probably wasn’t still alive.

A lot of people were sympathetic towards the reptile and blasted the chefs for treating it cruelly and attempting to cook it.


However one commenter – who seems to know their stuff – said the writhing body was simply a natural biological reflex:

By a classic definition, it is dead. But a snake’s neurological system includes motor roots at each vertebrae.

That means it can continue to move even after the main brain and heart have been removed.

They said the movement is nothing but the result of a biochemical reaction and that once the chemicals are used up, it will stop.


One commenter did make the point: “Snakes eat their prey alive… they don’t have a leg to stand on.”

Still, if I’d been in that kitchen it would have been absolutely freaking.