Crocodile Attacks Farmer After He Pokes Her With A Stick

Crocodile attacks farmerNewsflare

An unfortunate as it was, a farmer probably got what was coming to him after he poked a crocodile with a stick while it was defending its eggs.

I think we can all agree, crocodiles are creatures that are best left at a safe distance. They have very large jaws, and are known for pouncing very quickly on their prey. So all in all, not something you should poke with a stick.

One farmer didn’t seem to have this thought process.

Watch the shocking footage here:

The crocodile was on Crocodile Creek in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, when the terrifying events took place.

The croc had her mouth agape as Peter approached, they do so while basking to help regulate their body temperature, however the as the reptilian immediately lunged in defence the farmer perhaps should’ve read the warning signs and backed off somewhat.

Peter was trying to move the mother away from her eggs, and not being dissuaded by the pointy, killer teeth, the farmer stepped closer to the dangerous reptile, looking to try and stay out of its eye line by walking around the side of the crocodile.

Crocodile attacks farmerNewsflare

The mother croc was obviously aware of the farmer’s movements, and shot him a more aggressive warning by throwing her head towards him threateningly.

Despite this, the man continued his mission and poked the crocodile with a large stick, angering her further.

The large creature went in for the attack, and the 73-year-old man couldn’t get away fast enough.

He lost his balance as the crocodile closed in and grabbed his foot, and the man fell to the floor in a terrifying display.

Crocodile attacks farmerNewsflare

The person behind the camera stopped filming, hopefully going to the man’s aid and helping him escape the angry croc’s jaws.

For future reference, I think the only kind of crocodile that might enjoy having a stick waved at it is this new species of croc:

As a farmer on a place called Crocodile Creek, I’m sure Peter had experience and reasons on his side for trying to move the mother away from her eggs, but I feel like I need to express a warning – if you ever come across a crocodile, don’t try to poke it with a stick.

Thankfully, apart from some nasty bite marks on his foot, Peter wasn’t hurt too badly – but hopefully he has learned his lesson.

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