Dan Bilzerian Says Trophy Hunters Are ‘Dudes With Small Dicks’

by : UNILAD on : 20 Nov 2017 21:13
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High-stakes professional poker player and apparent ‘King of Instagram’ Dan Bilzerian has called out those who hunt animals for sport and questioned their manhood.


Bilzerian, who has a very ‘alpha male’ attitude to life, called out those trophy hunters on Twitter implying their bloodthirsty hobby is compensating for ‘certain short comings’.

Bilzerian, whose current net worth is $150 million (£113.2 million), wrote in his post:

Shooting animals for trophy’s [sic] is for dudes with small dicks #EatWhatYouKill


So there you have it, in the eyes of Dan Bilzerian – multi-millionaire playboy and pro-gun enthusiast, he’s basically the unholy offspring of Tony Stark and The Punisher – says if you like to hunt for sport you have a very small penis. His words not ours.

You can look at this statement in a few ways, the first and most obvious one is he thinks hunting for fun is deplorable. In the world according to Bilzerian, if you’re going to kill something at least have the decency to eat it. Because if you don’t – as mentioned before – you have a very tiny chap dwelling in your pantaloons.

Another way you can look at it is Mr. Bilzerian is actively body shaming. Peel back the layers of his statement on Twitter and it makes out as if he’s saying having a ‘less than modest sized’ penis is a bad thing. In fact if you don’t have a size which ‘he approves of’ you’re pretty much less of a man, you’re no better than those who hunt animals for sport and leisure.

It all depends how you read into his tweet really. Is he saying if you hunt you have ‘tiny man syndrome’ or is he saying those who have a funny shaped/sized genitalia aren’t ‘alpha enough’?

While the issue of game/trophy hunting is a controversial issue it’s still a big business, between 2008 and 2011 the country of Tanzania made $75 million (£57.1m) from it. Weirdly enough, the money was used to fund conservation projects which benefited the local wildlife.

In fact it is because of hunting Tanzania has the ‘highest African lion population in the world’.


However one could argue two wrongs don’t make a right, animals rights groups such as PETA would argue money used to keep the lion population from falling is soaked in the blood of innocent animals.

At the end of November the Canadian state of British Columbia will ban the trophy hunting of grizzly bears. Hunters are forbidden to step foot on the Great Bear Rainforest.

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Of course hunting is wrong – unless it’s in a bid for your very survival – but perhaps Dan Blizerian’s analogy is a bit overboard.

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