David Attenborough Says New Leopard Scene Is ‘Most Powerful Yet’

by : UNILAD on : 08 Nov 2016 21:54

After Sunday night’s Planet Earth II, I waiting with eager anticipation to hear David Attenborough’s sweet whispers accompanied by Sigur Rós and the most captivating wildlife footage man can capture, again.


Attenborough, the tease that he is, has told us that the next episode, entitled Mountains, will contain ‘one of most moving pieces of whole series’.

The piece in question, is the footage of a very rare snow leopard marking his territory in the stunning Himalayas, the Mirror reports.

I’m not sure anything can beat Sunday’s iguana v. snakes race which a huge 9 million people watched, but then again David said it so I don’t know what I was thinking doubting his words.


The new clip was filmed using the ‘latest remote camera technology’ in the snowy peaks of Central Asia.


Only about four of the endangered cat exist in every 40sq miles, but explained that they manage to keep in touch with each other by leaving ‘messages in a few special places’.

Basially they rub their furry little faces on rocks and then spray their wee everywhere.


The new series, which we’ve all been waiting a decade for, cost £20 million and it was worth every penny.

The Planet Earth 2 crew spent 2089 days over five years filming 117 shoots in 40 different countries…wow.


Attenborough and his crew have changed how people see the Earth around them, that’s pretty priceless.

I’m going to go and extract my head from his arse now.

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    Planet Earth II: Solitary snow leopard marking territory is 'one of most moving pieces of whole series'