Dead Elk Gets Epic Revenge On Guy Who Just Killed It

by : UNILAD on : 09 Nov 2016 14:47
elk44elk44Yathin S Krishnappa/Wikimedia

In what could be a bizarre accident – or a brutal dose of instant karma – a man has been hospitalised by the very Elk he had just killed.

Hunter Gary Heeter had managed to bag a mature bull elk in an isolated part of Oregon reports the Huffington Post.


According to The Oregonian, the 69-year-old man was attempting to drag the carcass of his kill up a steep incline using his four-wheeler when things went slightly awry…

elk1elk1Crook County Sheriff's Office

While struggling up the hill, the front end flipped, sending Heeter rolling backward and impaling him on the spiked antler of the recently deceased animal. Ha.

Other members of the hunting party reportedly attempted first aid to try and stop the bleeding, however first responders were helicoptered to the scene – although they struggled to find a suitable landing site.

elk2elk2Wikimedia Commons/Austlee

A deputy from the Crook County Sheriff’s Office had managed to arrive at the crash scene on foot and told KTVZ that Heeter was ‘conscious and communicative, but appeared to be going into shock’.

The stricken hunter was carried half a mile to the helicopter and is now said to be recovering and in a stable condition.

It’s hard not to laugh.

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    Man Kills Elk, Elk Impales Man Moments Later