Deaf And Blind Dog Stopped By Police In Australia While Driving Around In Tiny Car

by : Julia Banim on : 05 Mar 2020 17:38
Deaf And Blind Dog Stopped By Police In Australia While Driving Around In Tiny CarVictoria Police/Facebook

Two police officers in Australia couldn’t believe their eyes when they clocked a small, fluffy dog cruising around in a tiny – yet very smart – 4×4.

The officers had been driving through the suburb of Heidelberg West in Victoria, when they were greeted by the surprising sight of 15-year-old Buddy driving his shiny black Mercedes convertible down a footpath.


Despite having reached the grand old age of 107 in dog years – and being deaf and blind to boot! – Buddy still sported a mischievous grin as he was pulled over by officers on the morning of March 3, caught red-pawed ‘driving under the influence of cuteness’.

dog tiny carVictoria Police/Facebook

Leading Senior Constable Lynda Giblett told the Herald Sun:

We couldn’t believe our eyes. Of course we had to stop and check it out.


Upon further investigation, it was clear Buddy was having more than a little help with steering and, rather disappointingly, his tiny paws were not actually manoeuvring the wheel this way and that.

Buddy’s caring owner, Terri – who is also deaf – had been walking a few steps behind him, controlling the car using a handy remote.

It soon emerged the sweet old boy often heads out for a spin with his impressive set of wheels, allowing him to still enjoy the fresh air, even when his advanced age means he can’t walk as far as he used to.

dog tiny carVictoria Police/Facebook

Although Buddy was unable to provide a valid driving licence, he was not deemed to be a threat to the wider community. Indeed, Officer Giblett told the Herald Sun that Buddy had ‘absolutely made our day’.

Posting about the adorable canine caution on Facebook, Victoria Police wrote:

Caught driving under the influence of cuteness. Heidelberg Crime Scene Services pulled over Buddy, who was going for a joy ride in his fresh Mercedes.

Blind and deaf, this 15-year-old speedster cruises around town with his owner Terri.

🚨Caught driving under the influence of cuteness 🚨Heidelberg Crime Scene Services pulled over Buddy, who was going for…

Posted by Victoria Police on Wednesday, February 26, 2020


It has proven completely impossible for those following Victoria Police to avoid falling hopelessly in love with Buddy, who is evidently steering through the hurdles of old age in style.

One amused commenter commented:

Did you give him a…………….barking ticket?
Thank you….I’ll be here all week!!

Another jokester jested:


What’s the ticket for? Not displaying Paw Plates?

Meanwhile, a third person, who appears to be known to Buddy, claimed:

This is Buddy’s second car his first one had too many miles on it, a generous neighbour donated a new one for Buddy so he could get around.

dog tiny carVictoria Police/Facebook

Truly an inspiration to long-in-the-tooth adventurers everywhere.

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