Deep Sea Fisherman’s Instagram Shows His Most Horrifying Catches

by : UNILAD on : 07 Nov 2018 20:27

The ocean, it turns out, is more than just home to disgustingly high levels of plastic.


You see there is actually a wonderful array of life in the murky depths which covers 70 per cent of our planet.

And among this array are a fair few specimens that may inspire a few horror movie storylines…

As reported by IFLScience deep-sea fisherman Roman Fedortsov has set up a rather fantastic IG account to showcase some of the world’s most rarely seen marine life.


Fedortsov makes his living as a deep-sea fisherman, but as a side gig he photographs some of the creatures that inadvertently wind up in his nets.

Warning, these fish are photographed and shared on social media with #nofilter and may haunt your dreams from time to time…

Unfortunately as a consequence of being brought up from some truly astonishing depths – where the pressure would crush you or me – some of the fish’ eyes become rather bulbous, while other soft tissues can reportedly be prone to exploding.

And this takes their looks from unconventional into the harsh realms of ‘horrifying’ and ‘monstrous’.


The dimly lit depths of the ‘twilight zone’ and pitch black ‘abyssal zone’ have assisted evolution by giving the fish, arthropods (crustaceans, but I was being fancy), and cephalopods (still being fancy – creatures such as squid and octopus) which call them home incredibly unique features.

Sadly at the rate we are going plastic is on course to overtake fish populations unless real change is made soon.

We’ve already seen the Great Barrier Reef ‘pronounced dead’ in 2016 due to bleaching to emphasise the stakes of what is at risk if humanity doesn’t sort itself the f*ck out.

It is a shame that just because sea life lacks the cuddly aesthetics of say a dog, or a panda bear, it is often harder to hammer the message home. But take a look at this guy below…

Yeah, that incredible dude with the grass barnet, he’d thank you for taking the issue of pollution more seriously.

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