Delivery Man Spots Strange Black Pile In Middle Of Snowstorm, Makes Heartbreaking Discovery

Tanya Wight/Facebook

A delivery man made a heartbreaking discovery when he neared a strange black pile he’d spotted in the middle of a snowstorm. 

Clyde Compton was driving his milk truck through a snowstorm in Canada when he spotted the curious dark pile, but because this was an actual snowstorm, rather than the light sprinkling us Brits would probably grind to a halt over, at first the driver couldn’t get a clear view of what the pile was.

Speaking to The Dodo, Clyde explained what went through his mind when he first spotted the mysterious sight.

He said:

They looked like a piece of clothing first when I saw them. But on second glance I knew what it was.

As he drew closer, the delivery man realised there were three tiny black kittens huddled together, left with no choice but to face the freezing elements.

Knowing he had to save the poor animals, Clyde quickly jumped from his truck and rushed through the snow to their aid. He noted there were no paw prints surrounding the kittens, suggesting they’d been thrown into the snow from the road.

Clyde continued:

Looking down from the truck I could see them, anyone else probably wouldn’t have. They were on the road in fresh falling snow about a foot deep.

The heroic man bundled the kittens into his truck and drove them to his home 12 miles away, where his wife and daughter were waiting to warm up the helpless animals.

The family, who already own four rescue pets of their own, contacted local animal rescue group Deer Lake Kitty Rescue, which helped coordinate the stray kittens’ veterinary care and transfer them to a shelter.

Posted by Tanya Wight on Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Tanya Wight, a volunteer at Deer Lake, shared the story of the kittens to Facebook, writing:

Three black 10 week old friendly kittens found this morning in a roadside snow pile in Cormack. They were covered in ice and snow, huddled together trying to survive.

No tracks in sight so they must have been tossed from a vechile [sic] Animal cruelty beyond comprehension.

Thank you to Clyde, Babe Nikita for rescuing them and warming them up.

Posted by Tanya Wight on Sunday, 6 January 2019

After being saved the lovely kittens were given names which hint at the tale of their rescue; Flurry, Shiver and Stormy.

Tanya later posted an update to Facebook, explaining the kittens were doing well after their traumatic start in life.

She wrote:

Little Shiver has gained a full pound in a week… and developed a little feisty personality too… there was a little Panther hiding in that tiny body

Flurry and Stormy are super zen… little purr muffins who love to just chill on your lap

Whomever brings these beautiful felines home won’t be disappointed. They are indeed special little souls.

Posted by Tanya Wight on Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Flurry, Shiver and Stormy have now been transferred to the Newfoundland West SPCA, where hopefully they will soon find their forever home with a loving owner.

Speaking of the rescue, Clyde added:

If I hadn’t seen them they would certainly have died. They will be [up for adoption] as soon as they are in perfect health.

Good job, Clyde!

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