Dog Becomes Hypnotised When Owner Strokes It With Hairbrush

by : Emily Brown on : 04 Sep 2018 21:28
hypnotised dogViralHog

An adorable little dog became totally hypnotised when its owner started to stroke it with a hairbrush. 

There always seems to be a certain trigger on a dog which their owner will know all too well. A certain place for scratching that makes them gaze off into the distance with pleasure, or that spot just under one of their front legs that makes one of the back ones start to shake.


I think (and hope) most dog owners will know what I’m talking about.

For this particular pup, taking a hairbrush to its neck did the trick, and made the dog become the picture of bliss.

Check out the adorable pup here:


The dog, who’s called Choli, seemed to become completely immobile when his owner started to stroke the brush over his fur. He just lay in his happy place, mouth hanging open with pleasure, letting himself be pampered.

Sharing the video online, Choli’s owner wrote:

I was brushing my dog Choli with my hairbrush, he absolutely loved it.

dog hypnotised ViralHog

I don’t think the explanation of him loving the experience was really necessary – it’s pretty evident from the look on his face!

I can imagine the little dog was quite upset when his hairbrush time came to an end – although at least his owner will always have a nifty trick to use if they want him to calm down.

While we’re talking about little dogs, can we just take a minute to appreciate Chihuahua’s little tongues? Choli seemed to lose all control of his when it was brushing time.


Another Chihuahua I know, named Hershey, likes to stick his tongue out all the time.

Check him out:


I hope he’s brightened up your day.


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Another dog who’s given a different kind of special treatment by her owners is Lucy, a lovely golden retriever who’s allowed to ride in the front seat when she goes on car journeys.

She’s even allowed to hold the driver’s hand.

Check her out here:

The cheeky dog insists on getting the driver to pay attention to her by pawing at him every time he tries to pull away. She then gives a sneaky glance to the person in the back with a smirk which reads, ‘look, I’m his favourite’.

Carissa Germany, who was banished to the back seat while her husband held hands with Lucy in the front, shared the footage online.

She explained how Lucy’s hand holding wasn’t just a one off, writing:

Something you might not know about Lucy…. she has to be holding your hand in the car…. finally got it on video.

Dog holding handsUNILAD

The delightfully demanding dog went viral, with the video receiving over 99,000 views. Hundreds of people commented on the hilarious video, sharing their thoughts on Lucy’s funny actions.

One amused viewer wrote:

The way she smiles back at you is just priceless.

Another added:

That’s cute maybe she’s scared.

Dog holding handsUNILAD

While being scared was a possible reason behind Lucy’s need for comfort, there’s no doubt she loved the special treatment she was given. That smile said it all.


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