Dog Born With Rare Mutation Has Adorable Black Patch On His Face

by : Julia Banim on : 20 Sep 2020 18:18
Dog Born With Rare Mutation Has Adorable Black Patch On His FaceDog Born With Rare Mutation Has Adorable Black Patch On His Face@mister.enzoviola/Instagram

A beautiful dog with a rare genetic mutation has gained an enormous following on Instagram, with many animal lovers falling snout over tail for his distinctive black patch.

English cream golden retriever Enzo Viola was born with an unusual black fur patch on the left side of his face.


The patch doesn’t hurt or bother Enzo in any way, and the three-year-old good boy, who hails from Texas, US, is full of energy and fun.

His popular Instagram page – which describes him as a ‘Pro napper, sock thiever, long-walk taker, kiss giver, fuzzy snuggler’ – shows Enzo cuddling up with his bestie, taking well-deserved naps and offering some of the brightest smiles you ever did see.

Enzo is part of the Castro family, who ‘instantly fell in love with Enzo’ upon meeting him and his brothers, with 15-year-old Clarissa Castro describing him as ‘the sweetest and most playful puppy’.


Clarissa told the Daily Star:

We spend a lot of time playing fetch with him in the back yard or playing with one of his toys inside.

There’s so much to enjoy spending time with him, one of my favourite things is that he often falls asleep while tugging on a toy, he’ll just slowly lay down and rest with the toy in his mouth.

She added:


Ever since he was a puppy Enzo has always loved having a routine – getting up at the same time in the morning, eating his breakfast at the same time, going on a walk at the same time etc.

He’s never upset but when given the choice he doesn’t love change.

You can catch up with Enzo’s adventures through his Instagram page, which has over 183,000 followers at the time of writing.

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