Dog Breaks Guinness World Record For Amount Of Tennis Balls In Mouth At Once

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 08 Feb 2020 16:54
Dog Breaks Guinness World Record For Amount Of Tennis Balls In Mouth At OnceDog Breaks Guinness World Record For Amount Of Tennis Balls In Mouth At OnceInstagram/finnyboymolloy

The goodest of boys has broken the Guinness World Record for holding the most tennis balls in his mouth, increasing the record from five balls to six. 


Six-year-old golden retriever Finley can fit a record-breaking number of tennis balls in his mouth – one for every year he’s been alive.

The previous record holder was fellow golden retriever Augie, from Texas, who set the record of being able to hold five tennis balls in his mouth in July 2003.

By means of a miracle, apparently Finley fits all six balls in his mouth without any assistance, leaving people both nervous but pretty impressed.


Finley picks the first four up with ease but for the fifth and sixth balls, he’ll use his paws to keep them in place when he pops them in his mouth.

Apparently Finley was around the age of two when the family discovered their dog’s hidden talent.

Finley’s human, Cheri Mollay from New York, had taken him to a local lake when her daughter, Erin, noticed him with four tennis balls in his mouth.

Speaking to a local publication Democrat and Chronicle, Cheri said:

The joy he brings to us is one thing, but he brings joy to people all over the world.

Finley’s human sister Erin has been in touch with Guinness officials in the hope of getting him officially recognised as the new record holder, but the process is a long one.


Finley even has his own Instagram page, which boasts over 32,000 followers.

The adorable pooch generated a whopping 3,400 followers in just a couple of days following the Democrat and Chronicle’s article.

One of the posts on Finley’s page read:

A lil snippet of ONE of my world record videos🥳🥳🥳 and for those who are asking — all paperwork is submitted and in @guinnessworldrecords hands… fingers crossed everyone!!!

Erin and Cheri set up the account for their four-legged friend and love sharing his pictures for everyone to see.

The pair were extremely surprised to see so many followers from all over the world.

Occasionally, people do leave comments or send messages accusing Finley’s owners of forcing him to perform for them, but both Erin and Cheri insist it is something that he does all by himself.

Cheri added:

He lives the life of a king – we’ve never forced him to do any of that.


Here’s hoping Finley gets his well deserved Guinness World Record!

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