Dog Called Chunky Monkey Steals The Show At Puppy Bowl After Immediately Falling Asleep

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Dog Called Chunky Monkey Steals The Show At Puppy Bowl After Immediately Falling AsleepAnimal Planet

Chunky Monkey, the adorable Chow Chow Maltese mix puppy who immediately fell asleep moments after prancing onto the playing field, has won the hearts of this year’s Puppy Bowl viewers.

Puppy Bowl, an annual event held every year in the run-up to the Super Bowl, essentially gives viewers at home a chance to watch the most adorable puppies while waiting for kickoff. In 2020, the show was watched by a 1.9 million viewers.


Although 70 puppies took part this year, competition for the world’s new favourite dog was knocked out of the field as soon as Chunky Monkey made her debut.

Emerging from a cloud of smoke and blue lights, Chunky Monkey, a ball of black and white fluff, prances onto the stage with a blue bandana tied around her neck.

Within moments, Chunky Monkey makes herself comfortable and falls asleep. Unbothered by the game, or those watching, she proceeds to take a nap.


However, those at Puppy Bowl take the competition pretty seriously, and her slumber earned her a penalty during the first quarter.

According to announcements at the event, the sweet puppy really is living up to her name and weighs in at around 76 pounds.

As for Chunky Monkey’s inspiration in life, her owners told the organisers of the event: ‘Her inspiration if Ruth Bader Gins-Bark.


Her foster mum, Cassandra Asekhauno, took to Twitter yesterday to say Chunky Monkey was enjoying seeing herself, and her friends, on screen.

Shortly after her appearance, viewers flocked Twitter to express their adoration for the puppy.

‘Nap advocate Chunky Monkey is our new ICON,’ Animal Planet tweeted.

‘I was confused by ‘Chunky Monkey’ trending until it had a description and right when I saw a dog I clicked it. LOOK AT THIS PRECIOUS BABY OMG,’ one person said.


As per Animal Planet, Chunky Monkey is just 15 weeks old and is currently under the guardianship of Green Dogs Unleashed in Virginia.

‘I’m watching the Puppy Bowl and the floofy Chow chow/Maltese mix named Chunky Monkey has stolen my heart,’ another user wrote.


‘If humans had fouls for excessive slumber, I would have been out of the game long ago. Get it, Chunky Monkey! Avenge all of us who handle stress with sleep!’ one person wrote.

Another tweeted: ‘Look at her. I would die for Chunky Monkey.’

Sadly, Chunky Monkey’s squad, Team Fluff were beaten by their competition, losing to Team Ruff by 69-73.

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