Dog Carried Around On Throne And Worshipped As God During Festival

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Jiaobang villagers from the Guizhou province of China celebrated Dog Carrying Day over the weekend – a special festival where a dog is dressed in human clothes and paraded through the streets on a Sedan chair.

According to the South China Morning Post, the chosen pooch was treated like a king, sporting a tailored shirt, patterned hat and elaborate silver necklace as he was lifted through the crowds of locals.

The precious pup also sported a big dopey grin on his face, clearly unfazed by his sudden rise to stardom.

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It’s unclear why this particular dog was picked, however the spectacle is nothing new for Miao people – this proud local tradition has been around for many centuries.

According to legend, early village settlers would have died of thirst if it had not been for a loyal canine companion leading them to water.

Water shortages are common in the area due to porous rocks and so this tale of survival is widely viewed as a miracle.

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In honour of the original heaven-sent dog, the Miao people selecte one dog a year to parade through the streets.

A shaman then leads the procession and drums and singing can be heard as villagers gather round to offer thanks to the dog and pray for a bountiful harvest.

Those who celebrate the festival regard the dog’s bamboo throne to be a mark of affection and respect

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However there has been some criticism from animal rights organisations who believe the chain around the dog’s neck is an act of cruelty.