Dog Dies Biting Power Cable While Trying To Save Owner From Being Electrocuted

by : Emily Brown on : 05 Jul 2018 12:32
Dog electrocuted trying to save ownerUthappanaickanur police

An incredible dog died after biting a power cable in an attempt to save its owner’s life, after he was electrocuted. 

The upsetting incident happened in Tamil Nadu, India, after a 65-year-old farmer, M Mokkusu, had taken his cow to farmland for grazing.


On Tuesday morning (July 3), the cow touched a live power cable which the farmer had not seen, report the Times Of India.

The cable had been broken in strong winds and rain on Monday evening, and the animal fell to the ground after being struck by the current.

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The farmer rushed to try to resuscitate it, but tragically also got electrocuted in the process.


The farmer’s dog, an Indian mongrel named Ramu, came to his owner’s aid. He bit the cable and tried to pull the cable away from the farmer, but was also electrocuted and killed in the devastating situation.

According to the New Indian Express, Mokkusu’s relatives heard the cries of the dog and went to investigate, but found all three dead. The dog  still had the cable in its teeth.

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The Uthappanaickanur police were alerted to the accident and arrived at the scene. Tamil Nadu Electricity Board officials cut off the power supply to the cable, but the fatalities had already occurred.


As the heartbreaking news spread in the area, many locals visited the spot where the farmer and his animals had been killed.

Mokkusu’s relative, Senthamilan, told the New Indian Express the dog had lived with the family for years, and his act of bravery in trying to save his owner wasn’t unusual.

He said:


The dog had been in the family for nearly seven years. His heroic was something we were accustomed to.

There had been times when he fought of snakes and vermin. Ramu was a loving and devoted dog.  We relied on him to herd the four cows.

People on social media have been sharing the sad news and praising the dog’s actions.

One person wrote:

And no doubt about it, that dog is master’s best friend!!

Dog electrocuted saving owner commentsAlok Chakraborty/Twitter

Ramu and the cow were buried on the land owned by the family.

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