Dog Eats Family’s Entire Christmas Turkey


Christmas day is a time for sharing with those you love. The one exception to the rule is the delicious Christmas dinner someone in your family has spent the day slaving over.

When it comes to turkey, everyone wants their fair share. But this dog didn’t get the memo, apparently.

The five-year-old Chi Apso – a cross between a Chihuahua and a Lahasa Apso – called Bubba, ruined Christmas for her family when she sneakily scoffed the entire bird.

After leaving just scraps of meat for her owners, the Barretts from Prestwick, South Ayrshire, Bubba took to the floor to ease her bloated belly.

David Barrett posted a photo of the greedy pup to Twitter and the post has since gone viral, with people sharing the dog’s hilarious antics and commenting on Bubba’s new turkey-shaped gut.

David said:

It was a turkey breast and mum cooked everything and sat it on the bottom tier of a two tier table and put tin foil and a dish cloth over it. Bubba just couldn’t move. It was pretty big, a whole turkey breast.

David added that, luckily, Bubba had suffered no ill effects.

The family plan to put her on a strict New Year diet.