Dog Gets High After Accidentally Eating Magic Mushrooms


It goes without saying, but if you’re partial to mind-altering substances, you should keep them well out of the way of pets.

However, there will be occasions when man’s best friend stumbles across those that grow naturally – magic mushrooms, for instance. And as we know, dogs will eat just about anything.

This eight-month-old border collie, named Roxy, was inquisitively roaming around her owner’s ranch when she came across some wild shrooms growing in a load of cow shit, and helped herself to a snack.

Roxy’s owner found her stumbling around with extremely dilated eyes. He soon rushed her to the vet, despite claiming that it appeared as though the young dog was seemingly ‘enjoying the experience’.

Thankfully, Roxy was lucky and made a full recovery from her trip and was back to her old self the following day.

That trip looked intense!