Dog Gets Rescued From Drainage Pipe In Romania

Dog stuck in drainage pipeNewsflare

An adorable dog was rescued from a drainage pipe where it had taken refuge after walking on a frozen lake. 

The white dog was captured on camera standing in the shallow waters of the pipe in Dej, Romania. Its fur appeared matted and soaked through.

The poor animal had been walking on the frozen lake which the pipe runs out into, but leapt into the structure when the ice gave way beneath its feet.

Take a look at the dog’s rescue here:

The animal looked helpless as rescuers peered into the drainage pipe, where the dog stood shivering in the freezing conditions.

The pipe ended with a drop right into the ice cold water, meaning the dog had no way of getting itself out without plunging into the lake.

Thankfully, the stranded dog was found in time, and emergency services arrived at the scene. Firefighters and volunteers set about trying to entice it out of the pipe, but the shivering animal seemed unsure about approaching the strangers.

Dog rescued from drainage pipeNewsflare

After a while it neared the opening of the structure and stuck its head out, while a woman cautiously walked over to it and held her hand out to the dog.

The rescuers attempted to place a rope around the dog to help it from the pipe, but the stricken pooch retreated when they got too close.

Eventually they managed to secure the makeshift collar and lifted the dog from the pipe. The scared dog struggled as it was pulled to freedom, but wagged its tail and appeared more content when it was back on dry land.

The rescuers put the dog into a cage and then into a car, where hopefully they turned the heating on full to warm up the chilly pup!

I hope the beautiful white dog was treated to some tasty food and warm blankets for being a good doggo, and that it’s made a quick recovery from its scary experience.

Dog rescued from drainage pipeNewsflare

The dog in Romania wasn’t the only one who’s been struggling to avoid water recently, as Hurricane Florence brought heavy rain and floods to North Carolina over the last few weeks.

One poor pooch had been left behind to face the rising waters, with only the porch of a home for refuge.

Footage shows the brilliant moment rescuers from PETA came to the stranded dog’s aid:

This Abandoned Dog Was Rescued off a Porch in North Carolina

RESCUED! PETA's rescue team spotted this scared and abandoned dog in Lumberton, North Carolina on the porch of a flooded home with no way to escape the rising #HurricaneFlorence flood waters and were able to bring him to safety ❤️

Posted by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) on Monday, 17 September 2018

The dog was trapped in the town of Lumberton, where the River Lumber had swelled due to the intense rain and water which had flooded the streets.

The terrified dog was cautious as rescuers approached, but started wagging his tail with happiness when they started to show him some affection.

PETA shared the video on Facebook, writing:

RESCUED! PETA’s rescue team spotted this scared and abandoned dog in Lumberton, North Carolina on the porch of a flooded home with no way to escape the rising #HurricaneFlorence flood waters and were able to bring him to safety. [sic]

All those who give up their time to assist helpless animals like these two dogs are truly brilliant!

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