Dog Gets Thrown Into Middle Of Busy Motorway In Twisted Act Of Cruelty

Surrey Police

It amazes me how poorly humans can treat animals, but this just angers and sickens me.

Can I remind people that if you are no longer capable of looking after an animal, there are loads of charities out there that will take them in.

Doing this is NOT acceptable – under any circumstance!


A poor dog, has been left with two broken legs after being thrown out of the back of a van on the M23, according to Surrey Police.

Police believe that the vile incident happened yesterday afternoon at around 4pm.

Luckily for the female Lurcher, a decent human being pulled over and attended the poor pooch, before officers arrived and took her to a nearby vet.

Surrey Police

The dog, who is now being cared for by an animal charity, is recovering after being treated for her considerable injuries.

The officer investigating, PC Ainsworth said:

This really is a cruel and distressing incident and I’m appealing for anyone who knows who might be responsible to do the right thing and call us with information, so we can bring the offender to justice.

I’m sure there must have been other motorists who witnessed the events and I would urge them to get in touch.