Dog Goes Mad With Power When She Realises She Can Turn Light On And Off

by : Emily Brown on : 04 Sep 2020 12:18

Dog Goes Mad With Power When She Realises She Can Turn Light On And OffDog Goes Mad With Power When She Realises She Can Turn Light On And OffNatalie Hart/Twitter

A little pup had her mind blown when she realised her nose could control a touch lamp, and quickly became addicted to the power it gave her. 

Though the concept of a lamp is not one that can be easily explained to dogs, they are very smart creatures, and many of them can probably recognise that when a human approaches a lamp and does whatever necessary to turn it on or off, it becomes lighter or darker.

They might realise that the object affects their eyesight, but chances are they don’t know exactly how it works, or how they can make it work in their favour. So when Slug, an adorable dog who lives in Cornwall, managed to crack the concept, she understandably got very excited.


Check out the video of Slug here:

The pup was hanging out at home last month when she spotted a fly which had infiltrated the home she shares with owner Natalie Hart. Slug was determined to catch the creature and tailed it to a cabinet, where the fly had come to rest on a touch lamp.

Slug made her move and darted her snout towards the fly, but was thrown into darkness when she made contact with the lamp. Confused, she let out a small bark before hitting the lamp again and finding that light had been resorted.


Slug looked at Natalie and cocked her head as if waiting for an explanation, but as I mentioned earlier, the dog probably wouldn’t have understood whatever Natalie told her. Instead, she just had to experiment and see whether she could really control the light source with her nose, so that’s exactly what she did.

Sharing the video of Slug on Twitter, Natalie wrote: ‘Slug is now using the touch lamp. How’s your evening going?’

Amazed by her apparent superpower, Slug quickly forgot about the fly and focused on practising her newfound skill. Speaking to The Dodo, Natalie said: ‘She just kept going back and turning it on and off throughout the evening.’


Before long, Natalie’s home resembled a disco as the light flashed on and off with every boop of Slug’s nose.

The amused owner added:

I was just laughing at her. She’s usually busy climbing into flowerpots.

She really knows how to brighten up my day

Dog learns how to use touch lampDog learns how to use touch lampNatalie Hart/Twitter

Though Slug seemed to enjoy the control she had over the lamp, there’s only so much responsibility a small pup can handle, so she eventually gave up on casting light and darkness and gave Natalie a break from the strobe-like atmosphere.

The owner might have to think about moving the touch lamp out of Slug’s reach if she decides to go on another booping spree, but hopefully the pup won’t abuse her powers too much.

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