Dog Honks At Owner For Taking Too Long In Wine Store

by : Julia Banim on : 01 Feb 2019 16:56
Dog beeps horn at owner.Dog beeps horn at owner.ViralHog

An exasperated dog was not afraid to let her feelings be known after her owner took too long shopping for wine. Honestly, did this human not know they were wasting valuable walkies time?


The peeved pooch, whose name is Jenny, was seriously not okay with her owner shopping for something that wasn’t even bone shaped and biscuity.

And Jenny, from West Palm Beach, Florida, decided to ‘voice’ her dissatisfaction in true drama queen fashion.

As many dog owners know, a drive out with their pooch can be a real treat.


However, this has to be on their terms and include plenty of neck scratching. And they certainly don’t like to be left in the car during any shopping excursions.

The amused owner, Vanessa Rivera, reportedly said:

So I was headed to the liquor store and I always bring my dog with me everywhere. I really wanted some wine so I cracked all 4 windows down so she could get fresh air. I’m inside looking for wine and in the distance I hear honking, not knowing it was my animal making a ruckus!

Vanessa added how this wasn’t the only time the cross girl had signalled her impatience:

She learned how to honk the horn and has been doing it non stop ever since. Later that night, I went to the Laundry Mat to pick up my clothes and apparently I was taking too long and there she goes again, honking away! Everyone in the Laundry Mat was cracking up!

The footage of the honking hound has since gone viral, earning the doggy diva a loyal fanbase who can #relate to hate of the wait.

Many know that their own dog would be just as much of a menace if they had access to a horn.


One person chuckled:

Thank God I don’t have a dog….my kids are bad enough…..they hate being left on the car….

Another claimed Jenny had ‘won the internet’.

Hopefully Jenny was given plenty of treats while Vanessa enjoyed her wine!

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