Dog Left At Petrol Station Spends Entire Month Walking Back Home

by : Emily Brown on : 28 Oct 2020 12:33
Dog Left At Petrol Station Spends Entire Month Walking Back HomeDog Left At Petrol Station Spends Entire Month Walking Back HomeQianjiang Evening News

A determined dog from China refused to let distance stand between him and his owners, spending an entire month walking home after jumping out of their car at a petrol station. 

The dog’s adventure began on September 26, when he travelled with his owners, Hangzhou resident Mr. Qiu and family, to visit some relatives in the countryside.


The family stopped off at a service station and assumed their dog, seven-year-old Dou Dou, remained in the car while they did so. Qiu said the family were rushed on their journey, and with a young baby to take care of it wasn’t until they arrived at their destination that the owners realised Dou Dou was missing.

Dog found his way home after a monthDog found his way home after a monthQianjiang Evening News

Early the next morning, the family drove back to the service station to search for their beloved pet. They searched in the grass, through bushes, inside and outside, but found no evidence of Dou Dou after nearly two hours of looking.

The family were left with little choice but to accept that the dog was lost, and Qiu told Qianjiang Evening News that all he could do was hope that he would be picked up by a kind person who would take him in.


Dou Dou’s owners struggled to get used to life without the dog, but 26 days later one of the family members opened the door of their house to find a ‘very thin’, ‘dirty’ dog outside. The pup wagged its tail when it saw the humans, and upon closer inspection the family realised it was Dou Dou.

Dog is thin after spending a month getting homeDog is thin after spending a month getting homeQianjiang Evening News

Qiu questioned how Dou Dou’s return was possible, noting that the dog had to travel more than 60 kilometres (37 miles) to get back home, and as the family had travelled in a car there was no way they could have left a scent for him to follow.

Qiu previously thought of Dou Dou as being a ‘timid’ dog who he didn’t consider to be particularly smart, but Dou Dou’s return appeared to prove him wrong. After being given a bath, the pup started to look more like his old self.


The owner commented (translated):

He’s thinner than before, but he’s still the same one, with gleaming eyes.

He was very lucky and not injured. Although he was very bad on the first day and walked crookedly, he has recently returned to life.

Dog who spent a month getting homeDog who spent a month getting homeQianjiang Evening News

Dog trainers suggest Dou Dou may have had a strong sense of orientation and remembered the journey from previous travels with his owners, though they also admitted his return could be entirely accidental.


Whatever the explanation, Dou Dou certainly deserves some praise for being such a good boy.

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