Dog Leggings Will Keep Your Dog’s Legs Warm Through Winter

dog leggingsWalkee Paws

Temperatures have recently plummeted and the weather is only going to get worse, winter has well and truly arrived.

For us humans winter isn’t too chilly; we can wrap ourselves up in jumpers, scarves, hats and gloves, but for our beloved doggos it isn’t that easy.

Yes, most of our canine companions grow a thicker layer of fur for the winter months and we do have the option of buying them jackets too, but what about their precious paws?

Realising there isn’t a product in the market to protect our pups’ paws, Lisa Barnoff from New York decided to design leggings for dogs which will also protect their tootsies from the elements.

As well as keeping our canine companions’ legs toasty, the waterproof rubber soles attached to the end of the leggings will not only keep paws warm and dry but also safe helping our doggos avoid anything dangerous on the roads like broken glass.

dog leggingsWalkee Paws

Barnoff’s company Walkee Paws sells the unique leggings in four different trendy prints – classic, confetti, cocoa and camo – so you can take your pick.

Depending upon the size of your dog a pair will set you back between $19.99 and $29.99 (£15-£24) which isn’t too bad considering the leggings are an investment.

Just think about how much time will be saved when after a long muddy walk you won’t have to clean the muck off your doggo’s paws!

dog leggingsWalkee Paws

First creating a pair for her own Cocker Spaniel, Toffee, Barnoff soon decided to start selling them online to help other dog owners out there.

While they are only currently being sold in the US, the product is clearly popular as when you go to order a pair online due to high demand certain sizes and styles won’t be available until ‘mid-late January’.

Writing on the website, Barnoff spoke about the development process and her she perfected the leggings:

My development and marketing experience in toys and pantyhose gave me the inspiration for the first Walkee Paws prototype. I cut a pair of my old pantyhose into little leggings, made to connect over Toffee’s back so the pantyhose stayed in place. The pantyhose acted like a sling, making the whole experience easy and comfortable for Toffee and they stayed on! From here, the idea for Walkee Paws was born.

This process was tedious, with lots of trial and error during the development stage. The paw area took the longest amount of time. We needed the material to be comfortable and thin enough so Toffee could feel the ground while he was walking, yet strong enough to withstand water, pavement, snow, and general wear-and-tear from outdoor walking.

walkee pawsWalkee Paws

Barnoff says Toffee uses the leggings every day for ‘outdoor walks both in and out of the city’ and hopes that others ‘love Walkee Paws’ as much as she does.

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