Dog Owner Fined £1,000 For Amount Of Dog Poo In Garden

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Dog owner Matt Scott has been fined more than £1,000 after letting his two bull mastiff dogs sit in their own faeces for six months and ignoring the need to clean it up.


They say dogs are man’s best friends, but at times you can’t help feel the friendship is a one-way street, particularly in the case of this irresponsible owner who allowed his dogs to make an ‘industrial scale’ mess which affected his neighbours.

However Scott’s neighbours finally had enough of his negligence towards his dogs’ hygiene and he’s now been slapped with a very costly fine.


Things got so bad for the other residents in Haslingden, Lancashire, at one point they had to ram their windows shut before going to Rossendale Council to complain about the smell.


In the end Scott was given a substantial fine by Burnley Magistrates’ Court after failing to recognise an abatement notice given by the local council in June of this year.

It was given so Mr Scott would clean up the unhygienic mess left by his dogs and is a rare misdemeanour order given to a homeowner or tenant.


Speaking to The Sun, his next door neighbour, 66-year-old Russell Murray, said:

This got right up my nose – quite literally.

The smell was absolutely disgusting – I had to keep my windows shut because the odour would get inside and as you can imagine it was extremely strong.

I have dogs myself and I manage to pick up the mess, so why didn’t he? It was really awful.

It was making things very difficult – I offered to give him cleaning fluid to help him clean the mess up.

There have been flies and rats spotted near the dog mess and going into other people’s gardens.

Fines for failing to pick up dog poo in a private garden are very rare, although those who refuse to clean up their pets waste in a public place can expect at least a £75 fine.

However in Mr Scott’s case, things got so bad the court issued him with a £660 fine, including £435 in costs, as well as a £66 victim surcharge.

After being charged in November he was since moved out of his Haslingden – we’re pretty sure – to his neighbours’ delight.


Councillor Jackie Oakes, portfolio holder for operations at Rossendale Council, told The Sun:

This was dog mess on an industrial scale.

If I was a neighbour I would be absolutely mortified about the situation – we hope this can be a warning to pet owners that action will be taken.

There are many reasons as to why this sort of situation arrives, pet owners can become overwhelmed and unable to look after their animals.

Or, they can be ignorant and feel a dog only needs to be let out into the garden to satisfy its walking needs.

The council should not be in a position where it has to take action like this. Clearing up after your dog is a basic duty of an owner

Maybe this experience will teach him to clean up after his dogs.

Also let this be a lesson for you owners out there who don’t pick up your dog’s mess. People won’t stand for that s***.

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