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by : UNILAD on : 15 Sep 2018 18:59
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For most of us, including myself, we can all call ourselves ‘animal lovers’. I don’t discriminate, and my love goes beyond just cats and dogs, I like sharks, snakes and all the other creatures people tend to fear.


However, a brown snake, and getting up close to one, wouldn’t exactly be on my list of encounters I want to have – let alone in my garden.

So spare a thought for this poor guy – as well as his furry little friend – who recently had to deal with such a scenario in Queensland, Australia – where else, hey:

Drew, who uploaded the video back in 2016 said:


I was sitting out the back cooking a bbq and having a beer and I only noticed the snake when my dog came around to my side and growled.

We back on to a small park/reserve and that’s where the snake went right after that footage was taken.

I couldn’t be more proud of my dog for keeping a little distance and it looked like she was just being a bit curious and chasing it away.

We have two young children that were only moments before playing in the backyard so I am very thankful that she alerted me so I could keep them inside until the danger was gone.

Luckily, Drew, his dog and the rest of his family were ok – it could have been so much worse – they could have found a deadly eastern brown snake in their bedroom – like this poor couple from Brisbane.

Luckily, professional snake catcher (that job title doesn’t seem real), Stewart Lalor, was able to remove the venomous creature from the suburban home.

He made the following statement on the Elite Snake Catching Services Facebook page:

Called out to a property in Murrarie where a brown snake was discovered in a customers bedroom. Not exactly the best place to encounter a highly venomous snake.

The eastern brown snake ranks as the second most venomous land snake on the planet. Fortunately these guys have no interest in humans and are only dangerous when interacted with, however in a situation like this the outcome could have been unfavourable.

It was safely removed and relocated away from any properties, always remember to leave snakes alone and call a professional snake catcher to deal with the situation.

The eastern brown snake, which can grow up to seven foot in length, is in fact the second most venomous land snake on earth.


Its venom is chock-full of neurotoxins which can cause dangerously heavy blood clotting.

A nasty bite from one of these slimy serpents and it could lead to paralysis, renal failure or even cardiac arrest. There’s also the very real possibility of a bite proving fatal.

Like I said, I love animals, but I really wouldn’t want to get close to one of these – I don’t know how Australians cope so well knowing there’s always something lurking about which could be deadly.

Guess this is why you should always be vigilant!

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