Dog Smells Owner After Two Months Away And Completely Loses It


A dog became a champion of hide and seek and sniffed out its owner after she’d been away for two months. 

There’s hundreds of good things about dogs, but one of the best things is how excited they always are to see you when you come home.

Even if you’ve just been to take the bin out, our trusty four legged friends are pretty much guaranteed to greet your re-entry with a good tail wag.

One adorable little dog had an excellent reaction to finding out his owner was home – but he had to work to find her.

Watch the heartwarming video here:

The excited pup, named Bandit, had been separated from his owner Bianca for over two months – which in dog time, if my maths is correct, is a year and two months.

If my maths isn’t correct, they were still separated for a long time.

Bandit’s carers had noticed that the dog had a particularly good sense of smell – I’m assuming even better than the usual dog skills used for sniffing out food and other dogs’ nether-regions – and so they decided to put it to the test.

When Bianca came back from her venture, it was decided she should hide in the basement and see if Bandit the Beagle would realise she was in the area.

The video was shared with the caption:

We noticed that our dog Bandit has a really good nose so we decided to test it out. Bianca was away for over two months and I had her hide in the basement when she got home and I took Bandit outside without alerting him whatsoever…

Bandit wasted no time in beginning his hunt, with his snout searching the air as he tried to follow the scent which led to Bianca.

While his sense of smell was clearly well developed, his sense of direction was slightly less so. The Beagle had to have a hint from the person behind the camera, who called out ‘downstairs!’

Needing no more encouragement, the faithful dog sprinted into the basement and leaped up at Bianca, squealing with adorable delight at finding his owner back home.

The person who shared the video added:

Bandit had no idea she was coming back so I took him outside and had her hide in the basement to see if he could smell her. He most certainly did!

The owner and dog’s love for each other is clearly mutual – Bandit even has his own Instagram page.

The description reads:

I’m a Beagle-Dachshund that loves snuggles, peanut butter, playtime, burying bones in bed, peanut butter, and staring contests! Oh, and peanut butter.

I bet Bandit would have gone even more crazy with happiness if his owner’d had some peanut butter in the basement with her.

Bianca seemed to fall in love with her dog the first time she met him – she was quick to scoop him up and officially make him her own.

Bandit’s Insta page shared a picture of himself and his owner, with the caption:

Throwback to the very first time Mom ever held me 4 years ago. She filled out my adoption papers on the spot.

How could she ever leave the adorable pup behind for two months? Though I have to admit, I think Bandit’s reaction was almost worth it.

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