Dog Spends Entire Day Riding Round In UPS Truck After Hiding In It

by : Julia Banim on : 10 Dec 2017 09:21
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A cheeky golden retriever enjoyed an adventurous day riding around town in a UPS truck after sneaking aboard in pursuit of sweet treats.


He apparently chose to hitch a ride after the UPS man cruelly denied him a cookie, which is more than fair enough in my book.

The mischievous pooch shot to viral fame after his daredevil story was posted on Reddit. A picture was posted of him wearing a sign detailing his crimes:

The UPS man forgot to throw me a cookie so I snuck into his truck and took a ride around the neighborhood. He had to deliver me back to my house.


Apparently runaway dogs are much more common than you would think….

Reddit quickly exploded with stories of various other naughty but nice dogs.

Redditor strykrhd revealed:

My retriever used to get in delivery trucks too. However whenever he did, he’d just chill on the back making no noise at all – I can understand how that’d be hard for drivers notice.

In the suburbs/country sometimes there are miles between each deliveries. Nice try at being Sherlock.

Redditor archetypaldream said:

My dog is also obsessed with the UPS man, the mail lady and FedEx, ever since the mail lady saw him loose a few blocks away and gave him a ride back home in her mail truck.

Suddenly all his dreams were realised at once: riding in a car, stopping every few feet to look at things and meet new people, a car door that stayed open constantly, the wind in his hair…

For years we all assumed dogs hated postmen, however, were they really barking to beg for a ride? Do all dogs dream of delivering post to humans like a true good boy?


Cats have too – perhaps unsurprisingly – been found to be just as guilty of sneaking aboard vehicles as their canine foes.

Reddit user CrankyCow said:

My old cat tried to get into the school bus once. It wasn’t some cute Lassie-moment where he was determined to follow his owner.

I wasn’t even there, he just really liked people.


Even sweet, innocent goats are getting in on the hitchhiking action – Redditor Pangwiny said:

I had a goat do this once. She had a passion for eating paper, boxes. Chewing labels off of cardboard boxes was a personal favourite of hers.

Our regular UPS and FedEx guys knew about her and the fact she was free range, but one day, we had a sub driver.

I was in a second-floor office, watched the Fed Ex guy hop out the front door, throw open the back, and while he brought in the package, the goat darted out from her pen and into the back of the truck.

He came out, pulled the door down, and got in and drove off as I watched in horror. He got about 200 feet out our driveway before I saw him slam on the brakes and a goat come skittering out.

I have no idea how many labels she managed to rip of during her tenure in the FedEx truck. I imagine it wasn’t pretty!


What did we humans do to deserve pets?

I just really hope this precious dog got all the cookies his heart desired once he finally got home…

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