Dog Stares At Machine For Hour-Long Cycle As Owner Washes Favourite Toy

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A faithful sausage dog tried desperately to save his favourite toy from the washing machine, but ended up watching helplessly as it endured the hour-long cycle. 

Most dog-owners will know just how attached pups can get to their favourite toy, spending hours on end throwing it around the room – in a loving manner – and curling up to sleep with it at night.


It must be distressing when their beloved plaything goes missing, but Rebekah Taylor, from Glossop, Derbyshire, really underestimated just how far her dog, Pickle, would go to rescue his squishy chicken drumstick toy.

Pickle the dog and his favourite chicken drumstick toyKennedy News and Media

Pickle received the chicken drumstick for Christmas last year as part of a ‘fast food’ set, which also consisted of a toy burger and fries. After realising he couldn’t carry around all three toys at once, Pickle settled on the drumstick as his favourite and has been inseparable from the ‘nug-nug’ ever since.

Mum-of-one Rebekah explained:


Pickle is very protective of his drumstick. He carries it around like a baby with a comfort blanket. He takes it everywhere with him.

When I tell him it’s time to go to bed, he picks it up and takes it with him. Even when he’s having his tea, he puts the drumstick next to his bowl.

Seeing this chunky sausage dog walking around with this toy, it’s really bizarre.

Pickle the dog and his fast food toy setKennedy News and Media

In an attempt to give the toy a much-needed wash, Rebekah decided to hide some treats in the garden to keep Pickle busy while she swiped the drumstick and stuck it in the washing machine.

The cunning plot wasn’t enough to fool Pickle though, and the dedicated Dachshund managed to sniff out his toy before Rebekah even had a chance to switch on the machine.

Owner Rebekah and dog PickleKennedy News and Media

Rebekah continued:

I don’t know how Pickle could smell his toy through the washing machine door but he found it straight away.

He started barking at me. It was like he was saying, ‘Oh my god, do you know that my toy is in the washing machine? You need to get it out’. He definitely thinks I can speak sausage dog.

Pickle the dog staring at washing machineKennedy News and Media

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Poor Pickle did everything in his power to rescue the drumstick from the confusing world of whooshing water, but no matter how many times he barked and scratched at the machine he just couldn’t get through the door.

The three-year-old pup didn’t want to give up on his poor drumstick, so he waited faithfully by the washing machine for a whole hour, until the cycle finally came to an end.

Sausage dogs stare at washing machine as favourite toy goes through cycleKennedy News and Media

Rebekah said:


Even when he couldn’t see his toy anymore, he still knew it was in there.

As soon as I opened the door, he saw it but he didn’t know if he was allowed to take it yet so he was carefully touching it with his nose.

I told him he could take it and he got it out the machine and walked off. He was over the moon to have it back.

Pickle the sausage dog rescues his favourite toy from washing machineKennedy News and Media

Pickle is one of five Dachshunds Rebekah owns along with her partner David Pape and their son Alie Taylor-Pape. Pickle, Pepper, Peanut, Petal and Twiglet never fail to keep the family on their toes with their quirks.

Speaking of their beloved pets, Rebekah went on:

They’re the most bizarre breed. They all have individual personalities and they definitely don’t believe they’re dogs. It’s like having five more children.

They are absolutely amazing. When you come in and you have had a bad day, you literally just forget instantly. They love you unconditionally.

Family's five sausage dogs including PickleKennedy News and Media

I’m glad Pickle has finally been reunited with his nug-nug, though he’ll probably be steering clear of the evil washing machine for the foreseeable future. I get it, Pickle, I wouldn’t want anyone to steal my chicken drumsticks, either.

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