Dog Surfs As Therapy After Horrific Attack Left Him Injured

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Jojo is a corgi who lives and surfs in California. I’m not sure I’ve met a human with as great balance on a board as this guy.

The eight-year-old dog began surfing for a heartbreaking reason following a serious attack from another dog where he nearly didn’t make it out alive.


He and his owner Josephine were attacked by two dogs, leaving her with injuries on her hand, and Jojo with physical and mental scarring. Now he uses surfing as a form of therapy, and has been for about three years.

Here’s the incredibly adorable footage of Jojo living his best life:

Jojo’s owner Josephine Zosa said:


I got attacked on my hand and Jojo almost didn’t make it alive. We had to rush him to the emergency vet and did tons of rehab after his operation we started with hydrotherapy.

When my husband came home from deployment, he took Jojo out to the beach and did therapy there.

Jojo surfing is therapy and it had helped him to be healthy again. He got his strength and mobility back.

Talking about his successes in surfing, Josephine said:

He won at the Purina challenge dog competition and was 3rd place in Huntington surf dog competition in 2016.

He is also a therapy dog. He volunteers for the military, Scripps Memorial hospital, rehabs and elderly homes.

We love being in the water we get to bond and it’s just fun being able to spend time together.


As well as being incredible at water sports, Jojo also goes to the city library where kids read books to him.

Not all dogs take to water like Jojo though, Remus and Smokey are two pups and best friends. Smokey found himself falling into a swimming pool unable to swim.

Remus, shocked, made every attempt to level with Smokey, who was trying with all his might to paw his way to safety.
It wasn’t working. The plight became greater, the glimpse of a future beyond the confines of a five-foot deep pool fading with each whimper.
Remus, thinking on his four feet, then put his money where his mouth is by jumping in the pool himself to bump up Smokey back onto level ground.


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Remarkably, it worked. Smokey was saved and it was all captured on CCTV. The rest is history. They’re not only man’s best friend, but dog’s best friend too.

What a time for hero dogs, though. The other day one hard-working dog who saved 12 people’s lives got her very own statue.

An earthquake in Mexico City in September 2017 resulted in hundreds of casualties, when it reached a magnitude of 7.1. Nearly 400 people died as a result, and following the disaster, a heroic Labrador retriever named Frida, helped rescue people who’d been affected by the disaster.


Frida belongs to the Mexican navy’s canine unit, and searched through the rubble after the disaster. She was credited with saving 12 lives, and a bronze statue has since been erected in her honour.

Jojo will be competing again on September 9 at Del Mar dog beach San Diego.

We hope for more adorable footage in the future.

Good luck in your next competition Jojo!

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