Dog Who Snuck Away From Home Shocked That He Just Got ‘Arrested’

by : Emily Brown on : 20 Nov 2020 19:02
Dog Who Snuck Away From Home Shocked That He Just Got 'Arrested'Polizei Mittelfranken

A mischievous dog who snuck away from home looked more than a little concerned after being ‘arrested’ by police officers. 

The crafty pup managed to slip out from his owners’ supervision at their home in the village of Ziegenbach, Germany, last weekend, after which he decided to take himself off on an adventure.


Along the way he met a group of cyclists who stopped to give him some attention and, being a dog, he trusted them to shower him with unconditional love before moving on. Unfortunately, the cyclists weren’t only concerned with giving the dog nice head scratches, and they ended up turning him in to the police.

Police handcuffsPixabay

In a post on the Mittelfranken police Facebook page, officers said they received a call about a dog who was wandering around one of the roads. The cyclists managed to keep hold of him until the officers arrived and took over, placing him in the back of their police car.

While police don’t often snap selfies with the people they catch, this particular passenger was too cute to resist. The image, shared on Facebook, showed the two officers grinning at the camera while one put his arms around the pup in a friendly manner.

Police rescue concerned-looking dogPolizei Mittelfranken/Facebook

The dog, on the other hand, didn’t look quite so joyous and pulled a face which clearly said: ‘Oh no, I’ve been busted. What are they going to do to me? I need to escape immediately’. He appears to be pulling away from the officer’s embrace, with his eyes darting to the side as if on the hunt for a way out.

Police described the look as ‘priceless’, and social media users agreed as the image wracked up hundreds of likes and comments.

Dog looks very concerned after being 'arrested'Polizei Mittelfranken/Facebook

Fortunately the officers didn’t have any intention of putting the dog behind bars, and after asking around in the village they were able to track down his owner and ensure he got home safely.

The pup was one of two dogs caught by police in Germany last week, though the other runaway was much less concerned and gave in to the police after being bribed with treats.

Police rescue second dog in GermanyPolizei Mittelfranken/Facebook

The second dog was taken to an animal shelter before its owners came forward to claim it.


Hopefully the two dogs will have learned that while they might be able to outsmart their all-too-trusting owners, they’re no match for the police.

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Mittelfranken Police/Facebook
  1. Mittelfranken Police/Facebook