Dog Who Was Dyed Red Has Been Rescued After Being Bought By Man Who ‘Liked The Colour’

Red Dog!CEN

A dog whose fur was dyed red and sold to a man who ‘liked the colour’ has been rescued by an animal shelter.

Pooch Scarlet was found in a street with a man who lives in a refugee camp in Schimatari, Greece.

He claimed he had paid 150 euros (£133.75) for the hound due to its unnatural hair colour.

Animal rights activists, who deemed the dyed hair harmful, rescued the dog by escorting it to an animal shelter where she was put up for adoption again.

Given a healthy scrub, the bitch is now clean and is being prepped to move into a new home.

While her hair is not completely free of its red tints, the bold colour which initially attracted its immigrant adopter has since faded, with pictures showing a much less visually jarring doggo.

Thankfully, she didn’t appear to be suffering from any skin ailments as a result of the dye, Metro reports.

Pets World claim it is medically proven there are no dyes for animals that are 100 per cent safe. A popular argument is that hair colouring is a human phenomenon and pets such as cats and dogs should be left to their own. Dyed hair can pose a serious threat to the pet’s overall constitution as dogs and cats like to lick their fur which would leave them ingesting the harmful chemical dye.

Red Dog!CEN

Humans have reported burning sensations and skin irritation upon using even the best of hair dyes, they add. As a result it’s important to note that a dog’s skin is much more sensitive when compared to that of humans. Colouring a dog’s hair means its entire body will have to be exposed to toxic colouring. Eyes, ears, even the mouth. If the pooch swallows the chemical dye from licking itself, it can lead to vomiting, nausea and diarrhoea, which make a greater mark on dogs than humans.

Red Dog!CEN

The CEO of PETA India Poorva Joshipura said as per Pets World:

Dying an animal’s fur can cause the animal stress and can lead to complications or allergic reactions that may put the animal’s health in danger. Dogs and cats love their human companions, regardless of how we look. Why not extend the same kindness to them? Animals are gorgeous as they are.

At the end of the day guys, our dogs are good enough as they are. If you think a dog isn’t good enough for your with their natural fur colour maybe you shouldn’t get a dog and just dye your own hair.

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