Dog’s Ear Falls Off After Owner Dyes Them Red

by : Lucy Connolly on : 07 Feb 2019 12:28
Dog's ear falls off after owner dyes itDog's ear falls off after owner dyes itViralPress

A dog’s ear has fallen off after its owner dyed them red, resulting in a massive backlash from people calling her ‘irresponsible’.


The owner took her Pomeranian, called Diffy, to a grooming salon in Hua Hin, eastern Thailand, earlier this week and asked for her pet’s ears and tail to be dyed red.

Shortly after the procedure, she noticed Diffy’s ears drooping instead of their usual pert stance, but was reassured that his ears would pick up in ‘two or three days’.

After subjecting the pooch to a ‘foil wrap’ dye on his fur for approximately 40 minutes, Diffy’s owner noticed his ears burning up after a suspected allergic reaction to the chemicals in the dye.


Within hours, the dog was suffering from itchy skin which then started to flake off, leading his owner to post online asking people for help.

She wrote, without revealing her real name:

Before the dye, my dog’s ears were up. But after I went to the pet store and the dog stylist coloured his ear with aluminium foil for 40 minutes without heat, I took him home and his ears turned out like this.

They were folded down. The stylist said that I have to wait for two or three days and his ears will recover. Has anybody experienced this before?

Dog's ear falls off after owner dyes itDog's ear falls off after owner dyes itViralPress

While some dog owners responded with advice after putting their pets through the same procedure, others were quick to point out how irresponsible her actions had been.

Shortly after writing the first post, Diffy’s owner posted another update which highlighted just how severe the consequences of the dye were, saying her dog’s ear was now ‘falling off’.

The unnamed woman said:

Diffy’s left ear is now falling off because of the colour dye. The pet groomer put too much dye on him. My dog’s ear was itchy, burnt, turned black, cracked, and eventually fell off. I don’t blame the grooming store but I blame myself for wanting to have his ears dyed.


Unfortunately, Diffy’s left ear was so badly affected by the hair dye that it fell off yesterday (February 6).

After pictures of the damaged ear were shared online, many people – including vets and animal charities – slammed the dog owner for putting her pet through so much pain.

Neeyada Sirisampandh, who runs the dog rescue group Mid Road Lover in Bangkok, said:

Let this be a lesson to other dog owner’s. It is dangerous to dye your puppy’s fur. This dog’s ear looks like it suffered an allergic reaction and was burned. Then it fell off. Her ear is gone forever. It’s all the owner’s fault for trying to colour them.

Dog's ear falls off after owner dyes itDog's ear falls off after owner dyes itViralPress

Another person branded the unknown woman as ‘irresponsible’, while the RSPCA warned that pampering dogs can leave them distressed.

A spokesperson for the organisation told the Metro:

Our pets are living creatures and dyeing them sends out a worrying message that they could be viewed as novelty accessories rather than as intelligent, sentient animals.

People may think they are treating their pets by dying their fur but some of the paints, dyes, inks and glues used can be toxic and harmful to animals. Even if a dye is marketed as ‘pet friendly’, we would strongly advise against it.

These dyes can be dangerous and the experience of being dyed can be stressful for our pets who do not understand what is happening.

Hopefully Diffy’s life is not disrupted any further by this shocking ordeal, and never has to go through something like this again.


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