Dogs Obey Women More Than Men, Study Finds

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Women can speak to dogs. Sort of. Well, a hell of lot more easier than men anyhow – according to a new study.

Most slightly trained dogs can understand a handful of simple instructions: their named being called, ‘sit’, ‘high-five’, ‘down’, ‘attack’, etc.


Most of the time we can understand them – if your dog’s clawing at the door, it wants it opening, if your dog’s barking at your food, it want’s some, if they’re lying on their back directly in front of you, they probably want a belly rub for being a good boy?


However, due to a new study, it’s now believed women are more likely to understand what dogs are trying to say through their barking communication, reports Broadly.

In the study, published in the journal, Royal Society of Open Science, researchers recorded 18 different dogs growling in response to different things.


The humans were then asked to rate the dog’s growl on a scale for fear, playfulness, aggression, despair and happiness before trying to identify the purpose of the growl.

Turns out women are significantly better at this task than men.


Tamás Faragó explained:


Our recent MRI studies suggest dogs and humans use similar brain areas and probably similar processes to assess others’ emotions from vocalizations.

It seems there are biologically rooted rules to how mammalian vocalizations encode emotions and these shared processes help humans to assess the emotional load of not just dogs but other mammal species’ vocal emotion expressions.

This is a common pattern in emotion recognition studies.

Women are likely more empathic and sensitive to others’ emotions and this helps them to better associate the contexts with the emotional content of the growls.


So why does this happen?

Are women superior in the world of talking to dogs?


Do they have a higher level of spiritual understanding? Who knows.

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