Dog’s Tongue Nearly Cut In Half After It Got Stuck In A Rubber Ball Toy

by : Cameron Frew on : 24 Oct 2019 13:26

Warning: Graphic Content

Poppy the Labrador Dog With Split TongueKennedy News & Media

A traumatised couple have issued a warning to dog-owners after their Labrador’s tongue was nearly cut in half when the dog got it stuck in a rubber ball. 


Helen and James Hartley had to wrestle a rubber ball from the mouth of their dog Poppy earlier this month, after the poor pooch got its tongue stuck. Once it was removed, they noticed her behaving a bit strangely.

It turns out the ball had critically restricted blood flow to the dog’s tongue, leaving Poppy with huge chunks missing on either side after the tissue turned necrotic.

Poppy the Labrador Split TongueKennedy News & Media

The couple initially took Poppy to Foxhall Veterinary Clinic in Ruskington, Lincolnshire, where nurses noticed a red line and swelling around the area where the dog’s tongue was stuck.


Although the marking looked sore, Poppy was still quite happy to eat treats, so she was given medication to mitigate the swelling and booked in for regular, daily check-ups.

Poppy the Labrador Split TongueKennedy News & Media

However, in the following week Poppy’s tongue grew much worse, with a foul smell and white plaque forming around the affected areas. Eventually, the marked areas became necrotic – meaning the tissue was slowly dying – leaving Poppy with two large slits on either side of her tongue.

As Poppy’s tongue hung by a thread, the couple rushed back to the vets where they removed the dead tissue and stitched her back up, good as new.


The cute pooch is well on the road to recovery – but the couple and vets are keen to use the tale as a reminder to dog-owners to watch what their pets are up to.

Poppy the Labrador Split TongueKennedy News & Media

Helen said: 

[It was] really traumatic for us all. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for looking after Poppy. She’s been so well loved by everybody at the surgery and we couldn’t have asked for a more dedicated team. Well done to you all, Poppy sends sloppy kisses.


A Foxhall Veterinary Clinic spokesperson added:

The surgery was successful and our nurses couldn’t believe it when Poppy ate and drank as soon as she woke up. We’re happy to report that Poppy’s tongue has pretty much healed now, she is using her tongue normally to drink and can still give plenty of kisses.

The stitches are in place but will eventually dissolve. We’ve all grown very attached to Poppy here at Foxhall and we will miss her daily visits. Poppy’s owners wanted us to share her story to highlight the dangers of leaving your dog unattended with toys, no matter how innocent they seem.

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