Don’t Panic, But This Shark Was Found On A Beach In The UK

by : UNILAD on : 12 Oct 2015 03:21
Ross Parry/SWNS

For an island nation the UK is relatively luck not too have too many things to fear lurking in the depths off our coasts, or do we?


A woman in East Yorkshire made a startling discovery whilst walking her dog along the beach, stumbling across a beached shark.

Nikki Miller and her springer spaniel Boris were too late to help return the shark to the water, but they did get some good pictures demonstrating its size and teeth.

Nikki was even more concerned when she remembered her children had been swimming in the water off Hornsea just weeks earlier.

She said:


It was quite a surprise to come across this. I walk along here quite often and the only thing I usually come across is shells.

It is a bit worrying because my children were swimming in the sea here just a couple of weeks ago.

I don’t know how dangerous it is but the teeth look formidable.”

Ross Parry/SWNS

Andrew McLeod, Assistant Curator at The Deep, has attempted to put locals minds at ease regarding what is thought to be a probeagle shark.

He said:

This looks to be a young porbeagle shark. They do tend to inhabit our waters in the summer months as they travel where the warmer water is following food.

They tend to migrate further south during cold months. It is quite unusual for them to wash up on the shores though.”

But it is not the first time porbeagles have been found in British waters.

As with most sharks then there is little reason not to venture into the water, but still, it’s enough to make you think twice, unless your Boris. He didn’t look like he gave a single shit.

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