Dramatic Horse Pretends To Be Dead Whenever People Try To Ride Him

by : Julia Banim on : 22 Oct 2019 07:59
Dramatic HorseDramatic HorseFrasisco Zalasar/Facebook

The Oscar nominations for 2020 have yet to be announced, but I reckon we’ve already found a superb contender in an unlikely form.

Jingang is a haughty, long legged drama queen with a swishy mane of hair. He’s also a literal horse who uses his vast array of theatrical talents to avoid doing any hard work whatsoever.

Although horses are supposedly renowned for enjoying hard work, Jingang is apparently the exception. The bizarrely relatable steed hates being ridden so much that he will go as far as to play at being dead to keep pesky humans off his back.


Check out Jingang in ‘action’ – or indeed out of action – below:

El caballo que se hace el muerto para que no le montén 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Posted by Frasisco Zalasar on Friday, October 4, 2019

A hilarious compilation video of Jingang’s antics has gone viral, showing him repeatedly pretending to me dead in the name of laziness.

Some of his efforts are truly heroic; hooves akimbo, head lolling and eyes rolling as he throws himself to the ground.


In the video, one of Jingang’s owners can be heard describing him as ‘cute but naughty’ and it’s hard not to fall tail over hooves for this cheeky character.

At the time of writing, the compilation vid has been shared over 23 million times, which really isn’t bad at all for such a famously workshy individual.

Dramatic HorseDramatic HorseFrasisco Zalasar/Facebook

Plenty of Jingang’s new fans have left comments showing their appreciation for his stay-in-bed ways and comedic gifts.


One person commented:

Never knew horses can play dead like the dogs. Very clever and witty horse. Love him.

Another said:

That’s one smart horse. You can see it looking around to see if everyone is out of range. Too funny.

Dramatic HorseDramatic HorseFrasisco Zalasar/Facebook

Jingang is all of us and now deserves the lazy life of an internet celebrity; with humans bringing him trays of carrots and Polo mints with the complete understanding that this is a horse to be worshipped, not to be ridden.

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Frasisco Zalasar/Facebook
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