Drunk Guy Immediately Regrets Jumping Into Pool Full Of Sharks


Jumping into a pool full of sharks while drunk wouldn’t exactly be my first choice of activity on holiday, but that’s exactly what this guy decided to do.

While on a Spring Break holiday in the Bahamas with his mates, the student took it upon himself to plunge into a pool containing hungry-looking sharks after he’d had one too many.

The crazy footage shows the drunken student throw himself into the shark-infested pool in the Atlantis Resort & Casino in Nassau, before instantly regretting it…


As soon as the student hits the water, he realises his mistake and rushes to scramble back out of the side of the pool, as the man-eating beasts hurtle towards him.

As he thrashes at the side of the pool, a flesh-munching monster swims speedily towards him, aiming directly for his leg.

His frantic mates can be heard yelling ‘dude, get out, get out, get out,’ as the panicked swimmer, desperately hauls himself back out and onto dry land.

Seconds after his hasty exit, he turns to see one of the five sharks almost snapping at his heels and exhales a groan of ‘Oh s***,’ as he realises how he’d only just made it out…

The freaky footage has been posted to the Total Frat Move Instagram page, earning itself over half  million views in the space of 24 hours.

Watchers were obviously horrified by what they’d just witnessed and shared their shocked thoughts to the site.

Y'all gotta stop jumping in shark tanks (but if you do, send the videos to [email protected])

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One wrote:

This bro is lucky that shark didn’t take a massive chunk out of his leg.

Others commented by saying ‘holy shit’ and and ‘hell no,’ in response to the scary footage.

You’ve got to be pretty stupid to risk this little stunt and why would you do it while drunk? Not a chance.