Dying Dog Rescued From Road Side Makes Incredible Recovery

Dying shelter dogAnimal Aid Unlimited

Alone and curled up by the side of the road, a dog with mange had given up hope; appearing resigned to his sad fate.

Fortunately, the wonderful people from Animal Aid Unlimited, India were determined to give the poor animal a second lease of life, and the results are truly astounding.

Knowing they couldn’t risk him going another day untreated, rescue centre workers caught the sick dog with a net; taking him back to the sanctuary. He was reportedly ‘exhausted and inward’ on his first day off the streets, and had evidently not been handled by humans in some time.

The dog was fed and treated for dehydration, and after 10 days, his diseased skin had fully healed; all thanks to the patience of some truly wonderful dedicated human beings. It’s honestly impossible to get through the following video with two dry eyes.

After almost two months of medical treatment the dog was completely unrecognisable from the skeletal creature awaiting death at the side of a road.

The beautiful dog now had lovely, snowy white fur and the most contented of grins on his face. Looking relaxed and healthy as he hung out with his human friends, the dog could have been any well cared for family pet.

His obvious pleasure at being stroked – as well as the wag of his tail as he accepted treats – would be enough to soften the hardest of hearts.

Rescuers give dying dog second chance.@AnimalAidUnlimited,India/YouTube

The emotional footage of the incredible recovery has since gone viral; watched over 20 million times. Although it’s initially difficult to watch the dog in such a shocking state, his eventual transformation has left people overjoyed.

One person praised the selflessness of those who saved the dog’s life against the odds:

There are models, actors, sportsmen, authors, surgeons, philosophers, scientists, world leaders, Popes and Kings, but there is no higher order of human than the people who give of themselves to help animals and other people in dire need.

There is just no greater form of wisdom nor kindness. To empathize with the feelings of an animal who cannot ask for help and to actively seek out these animals is irrefutable evidence that that you have good character – the best..

While another said:

I am glad beyond imagination that this dog survived! When I first saw him I shed so much tears because he was so sick! And when I heard the happy music and saw him completely healed, then I shed so much tears of happiness!

This video has touched hearts all over the world; even inspiring people to take a new, worthy direction within their own lives.

One person even spoke about deciding to become a vet after seeing the good work of the Animal Aid Unlimited, India workers:

Before seeing this video I was wondering about my future career….but now after seeing this video i have decided to become a veterinary doctor.

Another person remarked:

That moment when you realise you want this career.

This just goes to show how even under the most desperate of circumstances, the fate of a sick animal can be changed with plenty of love and hard work.

You can donate here to support the work of Animal Aid Unlimited, allowing them to continue saving the lives of other animals just like this precious dog.

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