Elderly Pit Bull Saved Family After Alerting Police To Gas Leak

by : Francesca Donovan on : 15 Feb 2019 12:25
sadie the pitbull Sarah Costello/Facebook/ABC7/YouTube

In case you missed the memo, pit bulls are amazingly loving dogs by nature and this old gal is a shining example of why we just don’t deserve dogs.

Meet Sadie, the elderly dog who saved her humans from a dangerous gas leak in their Westchester, New York, home.


Sadie lives with Sarah Costello and her four-year-old daughter, who are both crediting the 11-year-old family pet as a ‘hero’ for saving their lives.


On Wednesday 6 February, Sadie was found by local Westchester police frantically barking through the neighbourhood. The authorities had discovered her after responding to a number of calls regarding a loose dog.

Police spokesman Lieutenant Lawrence Rotta told ABC News:


The dog then ran and took the officers through several streets, and then lead them back to the dog’s residence into the backyard.


When they returned Sadie to her home, the police immediately discovered the leak and it became clear she had escaped to alert other humans of the potential threat, as Sarah and her daughter were out at the time.

The house’s sliding glass windows were open and the fence was broken.



The police took the signs to be evidence of Sadie’s daring and desperate escape from the house, which left unattended, could’ve been the site of an explosion due to the gas leak.

Amazingly, the clever pup had manage to get out of the back door of the house and into the garden, from where she made it her mission to alert other humans who could help save her family’s home.

Costello said Sadie was able to chew through a wooden stopper which the animal-lover used to keep the door shut.



The proud and relieved dog mum added:

She went from being in time out to being my girl. It looks like she was trying to get out [the] window. She was determined to get out.

This is my contraption I built so she never got out, which always worked since I been here. But she nestled through here and escaped through the fence.

She is a hero. She is our hero. It’s just so out of character for her to do. She saved our lives. Yeah. Emotional.



Upon Sadie leading the police officers to the scene, they discovered an open basement window emanating the smell of gas, and Rotta confirmed ‘the dog saved the house from a potential gas explosion’.

We just don’t deserve dogs and their clever snoots and senses of smell, do we?

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