Emotional Support Peacock Denied Seat On Flight Has Its Own Instagram


The emotional support peacock who was refused a seat on a United Airlines flight has his own Instagram.

…and his name is Dexter.

The incredibly majestic bird is seemingly living his best life,and with some incredibly glamorous photos, it’s easily one of my favourite accounts.

In an article on Bedford + Bowery, Dexter’s owner Ventiko said:

The whole thing is ridiculous but the universe put us together and he really changed my life in a positive way. Dexter disarms anybody he meets.

I don’t want to traumatize him. I have never left the house without having at least one person react.

Yet Dexter needs air, so goes on daily walks around Bushwick, New York, wearing his little Chihuahua lead.

Dexter, who enjoys eating Greek yogurt became a live-in peacock after some heartbreak.

After having bought Dexter and a peahen called Etta in Miami for an art installation, Ventiko found shelter for them in the garden of one of her ‘acquaintances’.

Sadly, Etta, along with their four chicks disappeared – and Dexter didn’t cope well with his sudden loss so ‘turned prickly’.

The bird and his new owner grew apart because of this and when Ventiko found out Dexter was locked up in a garage, she went to save him.

She said sanctuaries weren’t responding to her inquiries and her attempts to find Dexter a home in the Dominican Republic were halted because of bird flu travel restrictions.

She then found him a place to live on an upstate farm, which he ‘soon turned to shreds’ and was told:

You’ve got to come get your monster.

Ventiko realised Dexter had chosen her as his new soulmate so went and got him and he’s lived with her ever since.

However Dexter found himself in the news this week after he was photographed at an airport having been turned away – despite having a seat booked.

United Airlines denied Veniko’s request to bring Dexter on the flight.


Earlier this month, Delta announced it would be imposing tighter regulations on support animals, prompting other airlines – such as United – to re-examine their own rules.

Yet it wasn’t those changes which prompted United Airlines to deny the peacock its seat.

United Airlines told Fox News in a statement:

This animal did not meet guidelines for a number of reasons, including its weight and size.

Show up on the set and the humans be like ? #eighthcreationfilms #vrworld ??

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Last year, the airline faced a PR nightmare when a famous bunny died on one of their flights.

Simon, the 90cm-long continental giant rabbit, reached notoriety as the son of Darius, the world’s largest bunny – and Simon was expected to take over from his dad’s hefty accolade.

Yet sadly, Simon was found dead in the cargo hold of a United Airlines plane when the flight arrived at Chicago’s O’Hare – yes, really – airport from London Heathrow.

Annette Edwards/Facebook

Simon’s handler and breeder, Annette Edwards, claimed the rabbit was healthy when he boarded the flight – which was transporting him to his new ‘celebrity’ owner in the States.

Maybe it’s a good job Dexter didn’t get on that flight after all?