Enormous Alligator Spotted On Florida Golf Course

by : Cameron Frew on : 13 Nov 2020 09:20
Enormous Alligator Spotted On Florida Golf CourseMattDevittWINK/Jeff Jones/Twitter

The internet has been transfixed and terrified by an absolutely massive alligator walking around a Florida golf club. 

Floridians are no strangers to the prehistoric beasts. With the state’s Everglades and prevalence of swamps, the creatures are quite happy in its waters, and often enjoy strolling around.


Golfers have simply had to get acquainted with gators in recent years, as they’re quite often seen wandering near the banks of courses. However, we’re gonna need a bigger green for this gator.

Matt Devitt, of Southwest Florida’s WINK News, first uploaded the incredible photos to Twitter, writing: ‘HUGE FLORIDA GATOR! Yep, this monster is real. Caught on camera during Hurricane #Eta in Naples.’

Soon after, video footage of the gigantic reptile captured by Jeff Jones was also shared, already racking up more than 785,000 views in 15 hours. The gator was spotted at the Valencia Golf and Country Club amid gale-force winds as the storm swept through the region.


Most people are echoing the same sentiment: ‘Holy sh*t!’ One user wrote, ‘That thing didn’t just survive the meteorite 65 million years ago, it rose up and headed it top corner.’

Another user responded, ‘This is a dinosaur, this is not an alligator.’ A third wrote, ‘There’s a f*cking dinosaur in Florida, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, they are the most TERRIFYING living thing on this planet, and that’s a straight fact.’

However, locals sharing the photos seem to be far more relaxed. One resident wrote, ‘This gator has been on this golf course for years. He is friendly and there’s a ton of videos on him.’


In response to someone saying the footage is ‘fake’, one user said he lives in the same neighbourhood as the gator, writing, ‘He’s been seen in it for years. You don’t have to be a gator expert to know they walk like that. This is in my hometown. I grew up around them.’

As for it’s seemingly large, frightening size, author Jeff VanderMeer wrote, ‘Medium-sized gator. Wouldn’t be much bothered seeing it walking into water. Gators aren’t that aggressive most of the time. Very social animals with complex communication, devoted parents to their young. Habitat fragmentation is beginning to eat into their success in Florida.’


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With many commenting on how high the reptile is walking, another user explained: ‘Gators can walk high or low. They also run very fast and their speed depends on whether they are high or low. This golf course gator had been photographed for many years. Officials have decided to leave him alone.’

Godspeed, monster gator. Godspeed.

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Matt Devitt/Twitter
  1. Matt Devitt/Twitter