Enormous Huntsman Spider Spotted Sitting On Toilet Roll In Public Bathroom

by : Emily Brown on : 15 Feb 2021 09:09
Enormous Huntsman Spider Spotted Sitting On Toilet Roll In Public Bathroomu/verilyRegister36/Reddit

Public bathrooms aren’t always the most pleasant of places, but as if their strong smell and sticky floors weren’t enough, one unfortunate soul in Australia discovered they were sharing the toilet with a massive huntsman spider. 

Obviously, coming across a spider is unpleasant at the best of times, but coming face to face with one when you’re in the vulnerable position of having your pants around your ankles is a whole different story.


This particular spider held all the power, as an image shared on Reddit showed it had set up camp inside the bathroom’s toilet roll holder.

Public toiletPixabay

While the plastic holder created a barrier between the spider and the poor person using the bathroom, its position on the toilet roll meant the user would have to risk moving it if they attempted to grab some of the paper.

Discussing the situation, the unidentified Reddit user wrote: ‘You have to either wipe or walk away without wiping. Both choices aren’t pleasant.’


It’s unclear which choice the person in this situation decided to go with, but I’m sure the entire experience was reminiscent of an I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here bushtucker trial.

Huntsman spider found in toilet roll holderu/verilyRegister36/Reddit

Hunstman spiders aren’t all that unusual a sighting in Australia – much to the dismay of arachnophobes – and while they look terrifying they are actually harmless.

Still, other Reddit users made clear that they’d want to avoid a similar situation at all costs, with one person responding: ‘Guess I will have to carry a spare roll in my purse if I visit Australia.’


The moral of the story? Always check the toilet roll before you sit down. Alternatively, just don’t go to Australia.

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