Escaped London Zoo Gorilla Downed Five Litres Of Undiluted Cordial

by : UNILAD on : 20 Oct 2016 12:43

People need to stop over-reacting about the escaped gorilla at London Zoo, really he’s just like me and you.


Think about how you sprint out of work on a thirsty Thursday to guzzle the happy hour treats…well Kumbuka, the zoo’s alpha, just wanted to get out there and down a few pints.

It turns out that when Kumbuka opportunistically escaped through some unlocked doors, he downed five litres (almost nine pints) of undiluted blackcurrant squash.


That’s a lot of sugar for a gorilla, I can’t imagine the high he was on after all that Ribena.


At the time, last Thursday, there were rumours that Kumbuka broke the glass in his enclosure, but it turns out that he didn’t have to really do anything except stroll out.


After Kumbuka finished his blackcurrant binge, he was shot with a tranquilizer and taken back into his enclosure.

Professor David Field, the ZSL’s zoological director, descibed the affair as ‘less dramatic than some would have you believe’.

He said:

I can certainly tell you that there were no broken locks, Kumbuka did not smash any windows, he was never “on the loose”, and his normal gorilla posturing reported by visitors earlier in the day was unrelated to the incident.

Any breach of our security protocols is incredibly serious, but the incident itself was less dramatic than some would have you believe. Within two hours Kumbuka was back with his family, snacking on treats, and probably wondering what all the fuss was about.


Kumbuka ended up face-to-face with his keeper, but due to the unique bond they have, the keeper was able to calmly remove himself from the area.


Visitors were moved into the butterfly tent and cafe as a precaution but Kumbuka was contained in the non-public area and was back in his den within two hours.


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